VIDEO: KNDU/Tri-Cities reaction to Qatar announcement

VIDEO: Boat Racing in Qatar

Formula 1 racing video from Qatar... shows the course and the city backdrop.

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VIDEO: Proposed race course for Qatar

LINK: video on ABRA site >>

Includes tour from Sheikh.

UPDATE: JMK down under

Just an update for you. Picked up J.Michael Kelly and Andrea from the airport here in Auckland, New Zealand this morning.

After a spot of breakfast they are headed down south to look at the venue for the second race of the series on Lake Karapiro. From here it is overnight in Cambridge to enjoy the scenery and then tomorrow through to Tauranga where the race is being held.

Major TV station here TV3 is doing a story on his visit and he will get his first drive of the boat on Friday morning.


Race in Qatar to be called Oryx Cup. What's an Oryx?

Glad you asked! The Oryx is an animal native to Qatar.

According to Wikipedia:

Oryx is one of three or four large antelope species of the genus Oryx, typically having long straight almost upright or swept back horns. Two or three of the species are native to Africa, with a fourth native to the Arabian Peninsula. Small populations of several oryx species, such as the "Scimitar Oryx", exist in Texas and New Mexico, USA as captive populations on wild game ranches
PHOTO: Wikipedia

Qatar Photos: The Qatar venue

PHOTOS: From the ABRA Qatar Trip

Thunder on the Ohio tentative dates set

August 28-31 is the tentative date. Not finalized, but close.

Read more in Gordon Englehardt's article in the Courier Press >>


Sam Cole: In addition to Qatar, we have interest in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

Erick Ellstrom reacts to Qatar announcement

Erick Ellstrom to Sam Cole, ABRA: "We can't thank you enough."

Up to 10 boats in Nov 2009 to Qatar. It's a done deal!

Breaking... ABRA announces international venue

Wow. ABRA has 3 yr deal to race in Qatar.