Seattle Seafair setup day Slideshow from 2005

Video of fatal accident in Dubai racing removed

I have taken down the video of the Victory I crash that claimed two lives by request.

VIDEO: Great editing on this video from Qatar

Unlimited Hydroplanes from Rob Summers on Vimeo.

Former Unlimited champ George Henley dies

Former Unlimited hydroplane great George Henley died after suffering a heart attack early Monday morning in Puyallup, Wash. He was 72.Henley spent only six years as a driver in the Unlimited ranks, but his 12 career victories place him 12th all-time. His greatest success came at the wheel of the famed Pay 'n Pak, which he drove to National High Points championships in 1974 and 1975.

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Blue Angels Returning For Seafair In 2010, 2011

The Blue Angels are returning to Western Washington to perform at Seafair in 2010 and 2011, Seafair announced Monday. The Blue Angels' will perform in conjunction with the Seafair Unlimited Hydroplane Race, Aug. 6 to Aug. 8.
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H1 Unlimited official clothing line

Pretty spiffy looking stuff is available to buy. H1 Unlimited rolls out its official clothing >>

Brazil update

As suspected, H1 Unlimited officially says there's no Brazil event scheduled, but there have been some discussions...

Group says unlimiteds will race in Brazil next year

That's what they say, but I wouldn't book your tickets...

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UPDATE: H1 Unlimiteds say not on the schedule for 2010.

VIDEO: Drag boat crash at Firebird (Nov 2009)

Caught on cell phone...

VIDEO: Drag boat at Firebird tops 260 mph

This pass backed up an earlier pass at 260MPH. This stands as the current Top Fuel Hydro 1/4 mile speed record for Firebird raceway. This video was taken at Firebird raceway in Chandler, AZ (near Phoenix) on November 23rd 2009.

VIDEO: Sites and Sounds of Hydro Racing in Doha

H1 Unlimited

Troops Invited to Qatar's First Hydroplane Race

"This invitation represented a huge 'thank you' to our service members," said Larry Oberto, Oberto Sausage Company sports marketing technical director, prior to the final race at the Oryx Cup Union Internationale Motonautique World Championship in Doha, Qatar, Nov. 21.

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PHOTOS: Packing up, heading out

VIDEO: Another view of the U-5 flip in the Doha Finals

PHOTO: U-16 blows fire during the final, loses power

VIDEO: JMK wins Oryx Cup Finals

What a show! Dave Villwock was poised to win the final race and the national championship when his engine started blowing fire. J. Michael Kelly was able to catch him and so was Steve David. JMK wins the Oryx Cup, UIM Championship. David wins the National High Points team and driver title.

PHOTO SEQUENCE: U-5 flip in finals

U-5 flip in finals

Click above to view

PHOTOS: U-5 flip in final from the air

Courtesy H1 Unlimited

PHOTOS: U-1 blows over in Heat 4A

JMK wins Oryx Cup

J. Michael Kelly in the U-7 wins the 2009 UIM World Championship Oryx Cup.

Steve David in the U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto wins the 2009 National High Points team and driver championship, keeping the U-1 designation for 2010.

PHOTO GALLERIES: 140 photos posted

There are now over 140 photos from Qatar in the HydroInsider on-line photo galleries:

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Bill Osborne's Heat Race Photos >>

PHOTOS: U-37 crew

PHOTO: The pits, U-17, the crew

PHOTOS: U-37, U-16

PHOTOS: U-17, U-16, U-37, U-100, U-48, U-5

VIDEO: Thursday highlights

Courtesy H1 Unlimited

PHOTO: U-1 in Qatar

Courtesy of my new friend, George from Germany

PHOTOS: Heat 2A - Bill Osborne

Courtesy Bill Osborne/H1 Unlimited

PHOTOS: Heat 1B & 1B - Chris Denslow

Courtesy Chris Denslow/H1 Unlimited

PHOTOS: Heat 1A & 1B - Bill Osborne

Courtesy Bill Osborne/H1 Unlimited

VIDEO: Thursday action in Doha (U-1 vs U-16)

COURTESY: H1 Unlimited

VIDEO: Doha Qualifying

COURTESY: H1 Unlimited

PHOTOS: Testing in Qatar

MORE PHOTOS: Qualifying/Testing in Doha

PHOTOS: Chris Denslow, H1 Unlimited