PHOTO: Greg Hopp sets 2 mile APBA record for single-engine automotive-powered GP.


These shots are of Greg running the 2 Mile record for APBA in a single engine automotive powered GP in Evansville.

Editor's Note: I originally said ABRA record, but as several people pointed out, I meant APBA record. Oops.


Pak said...

A couple of the ACHA GPs have run faster laps on smaller courses this year, but because the races are not 5 miles they don't count for APBA records.

Unknown said...

We're actually talking APBA here, right?

Pak said...

My point is that there is no 2 mile course record for APBA GP. There are the only records for the races of 5 miles in 5, 4, or 3 laps. There is also a kilo record. It is great that Hopp's boat is fast, I was just pointing out that a bunch of the Canadian boats are as fast if not faster and can do it on a much smaller course.