Breaking... U-21 sold to Greg O'Farrell's U-48/U-50 team


PHOTO: Brian Perkins as he qualifies as an Unlimited driver in the U-21 in Tri-Cities

Greg and Brian O'Farrell will be the new owners of the U-21. The Go Fast Turn Left racing team have come to terms with Kevin Aylesworth to buy the assets of the Freedom racing team.
The U-21 ran first in 2007 as a new boat. While it was plagued by gear box problems, it has huge potential. It's another boat designed and built by Dale Van Wierengen and is similar in design to the U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison and U-16 Elam.

Brian Perkins who has been driving O'Farrell's U-48 and U-50 the last two seasons is familiar with the U-21. Kevin Aylesworth drove for the Freedom racing team, but replaced himself in the cockpit with Perkins.