VIDEO: Thunder's Future Still Cloudy

Thunder's Future Still Cloudy: "It's not certain whether thunder on the Ohio will be back in 2010. The unlimited hydroplane races broke off from the Freedom Festival this year and ran in August. Race Chairman Tom Sawyer says it's too early to say whether it was a financial success. They sold 1,314 buttons. But some money from button sales is yet to come in and Thunder still has some bills to pay."

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Mark Evans wins again

Mark Evans followed up his win at Bayfair on Mission Bay last weekend with a victory at the Lake Chelan Hydrofest on Sunday. Evans finished second in all three preliminary heats in the Unlimited Light class — one on Saturday and two on Sunday — but raced to victory in Sunday afternoon’s finals.

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Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al Thani has confirmed that the Spirit of Qatar Team will enter the 29th Annual Key West World Championships in Florida on November 8 to 15. Qatar’s Abdullah Al-Sulaiti and Matteo Nicolini will both compete in the United States of America for the first time with Spirit of Qatar 95 in November.

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Kayleigh Perkins: "I want to do the Unlimiteds."

“My disadvantage is my strength,” Perkins said yesterday. “Cars have power steering; race boats don't. It takes some muscle to get one of these things around the course.” But Perkins said she's working out toward the goal of eventually becoming the first female driver on the Unlimited tour. Teams already have expressed interest in Perkins, although she admits she will be selective. “I want to do the Unlimiteds,” she said. “But it has to be with the right team.”

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PHOTO: What's an Oryx?

This came as a sample picture on my I-Phone... thought I'd post it in light of The Oryx Cup race in Doha, Qatar.

PHOTOS: More Evansville GP heat races

PHOTOS: Evansville GP heat races

PHOTO: Greg Hopp sets 2 mile APBA record for single-engine automotive-powered GP.

These shots are of Greg running the 2 Mile record for APBA in a single engine automotive powered GP in Evansville.

Editor's Note: I originally said ABRA record, but as several people pointed out, I meant APBA record. Oops.

PHOTOS: Villwock takes in Tacoma Inboard Racing event

Tacoma Inboard Racing Association’s Neil Yapachino Memorial Regatta, on Spanaway Lake, Washington, had Unlimited Hydroplane Pilot, Dave Villwock as one of its spectators on Sunday to take in the final heats of the weekend event.
PHOTOS: Karl Fortner

PHOTO: New hydroplane design?

Designer Johnson Drew is appealing to our addictions to both speed and water.
His latest development is the Gator Hydroplane concept that not only comes with
a daring design, but also makes for an aggressive water commuter.


PHOTOS: U-37 getting repairs before Doha trip

From James Crisp: I made a trip up to Madison last Sunday and shot a little of Pyro (Crew chief Scott Raney) working on the 37. The boat is at Bob Hughes' Clifty Engineering where the boat has undergone some repairs and touch-ups. Crew member John Ashby, a Madison native, has been assisting Scott with the work. A new cowling was created by modifying an old cowl acquired from the Miss Madison/ Oh Boy! Oberto. After being sanded, one could see the DeWalt yellow from the former U-6 sponsor. (In the photo of John Ashby he is salvaging parts from the engine that expired when Theoret went over during the Madison Regatta.)
PHOTOS: James Crisp

PHOTOS: U-5 & U-7 en route to Florida, then to Doha

Here are a few shots of the Formulaboats U-5 and Graham Trucking U-7 (as well as "Big Red") as they passed through central Kentucky enroute to Florida and ultimately Doha, Qatar.
PHOTOS: James Crisp

VIDEO: Miss Budweiser Unlimited Hydroplane Blowover 1992 Seattle

Miss Budweiser driven by Chip Hanauer flips qualifying for Seafair unlimited hydroplane race in Seattle, Aug 1, 1992. He was slightly injured but returned to racing.

PHOTOS: U-3, U-7 at Evansville

PHOTOS: U-21 has left the building.... en route to its new home

From Kevin Braun:

Jimmy Labrie left this morning with the U-21. He said he will be in Redding tonight and Seattle tomorrow night.

Defense Department buys supply of bio-Jet fuel used in Boeing U-787

Sustainable Oils, a producer of renewable, environmentally clean, and high-value camelina-based fuels, announced today it has been awarded a contract by the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) for 40,000 gallons of camelina-based jetfuel. The fuel will be delivered to the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) in 2009and will support the Navy`s certification testing program of alternative fuels.

In August, camelina again performed under high-test conditions in a 100
percent blend of fuel powering the Boeing U-787 hydroplane in a series of
demonstration laps at the Seafair Cup in Seattle.

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Zalmon Simmons III, Gold Cup Winner, remembered

The family name Simmons has long been associated with mattresses. But not many remember that a Kenosha native member of the Simmons family was a champion hydroplane racer.Seventy years ago this weekend, Zalmon G. Simmons III took the checkered flag in the American Power Boat Association sanctioned Gold Cup.

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Madison Regatta turns profit despite income drop

Treasurer Jeff Chandler says the Regatta was also able to pay all of its debts for the 2009 race year and whittle away at the big debt it amassed 10 years ago. That debt once totaled more than $150,000, but now amounts to less than $5,000.

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VIDEO: Great idea on using the U-17 as a marketing tool by Seal Shield

Seal Shield, maker of waterproof, spillproof, dishwasher safe, washable keyboards, mice, and tv remotes, straps one of their keyboards to the U-17 Unlimited Hydroplane for 3 qualifying runs with speeds over 180 mph, 2.9 Gs in turn and millisecond 17 vertical Gs.

Breaking... U-21 sold to Greg O'Farrell's U-48/U-50 team

PHOTO: Brian Perkins as he qualifies as an Unlimited driver in the U-21 in Tri-Cities

Greg and Brian O'Farrell will be the new owners of the U-21. The Go Fast Turn Left racing team have come to terms with Kevin Aylesworth to buy the assets of the Freedom racing team.
The U-21 ran first in 2007 as a new boat. While it was plagued by gear box problems, it has huge potential. It's another boat designed and built by Dale Van Wierengen and is similar in design to the U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison and U-16 Elam.

Brian Perkins who has been driving O'Farrell's U-48 and U-50 the last two seasons is familiar with the U-21. Kevin Aylesworth drove for the Freedom racing team, but replaced himself in the cockpit with Perkins.