ULHRA B-Main/Provisional Results - Kayleigh Perkins wins in UL_72


ULHRA B-Main Results

  1. UL-72 Kayleigh Perkins
  2. UL-11 Rod Bourke
  3. UL-14 Paul Becker
  4. UL-3 Chris Grant
Rod Bourke grabbed lane one and took a lead at the start. Into the turn, Rod Bourke moved ahead with Kayleigh still back in third.

Kayleigh moved into second by the end of lap 2 and started gaining ground. At the end of lap two, Kayleigh had taken over the lead but it was deck-to-deck with Bourke in the UL-11. As the boats came around the final turn, they came up on Chris Grant in the UL-3 and had to navigate their way past. Kayleigh tightened down a bit on Bourke and ran to the finish line with the win.