Steve David on U-1 ready for Evansville after damage in Seatle


"Wasn't as bad as I thought," said Steve David. It was nothing more than (a part in the ) activator - a bellows - about a$250 part. #1 engine is ready to go, gear set is ready. We're 100% ready."

"Went to 148% N2, did some minor damage to the thing, couldn't keep it together. The exhaust gas went from 600 to 900. At 900, you're burning $1,000 dollar bills. At 900, you worry about blowing the hot section and $100,000 worth of damage. It was all I could do to limp across."


"D" said...

Good luck Steven David U1 Team at Evensville! Goooo Jerkey Girl-s. Codi I left another message for you! "D" Area 51 Racing