VIDEO: 1994 U-4 crash during qualifying at Seafair


Ken Dryden takes the U-4 Miss Elam Plus out for a qualifying attempt at the 1994 Texaco Cup at Seafair. While doing about 130 down the starightaway. Elam lifted and launched way up their before slamming down into Lk. Washington. The boat was a radical 4 point hull built by Glen Davis in 1989. It ran T-53 Lycoming turbine motor. Ken Dryden was seriously hurt after this incident and is fortunate to be alive.
SOURCE: Youtube


Anonymous said...

I've never seen the canopy be completely blown off like that. I wonder if there is a major design flaw in four point hydroplanes. The only other time I could remember this design being used was the old Circus Circus boat and it had a major flip too.