Steve David - busiest man in hydroplanes!


Steve David, driver of the National Champion U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto is the busiest man in hydroplanes this week. In addition to telecommuting with his offices back in Florida, arranging real estate deals, David begins his morning with a 4 mile brisk walk and a workout in the gym. Instead of having a helmet strapped to his head, David has his iphone --answering calls and emails.

As if a 9 to 5 job on the east coast isn't enough, David is making the rounds at various TV and radio stations in Seattle. Wednesday he is schedule to have a 4:30p interview in studio with KING-TV's Paul Silvi, followed by a 6:00 pm gig with Mike Gastineau on Sports Radio KJR.

And if that isn't enough he is planning on water skiing the Lake Washington race course on Thursday morning and Friday he will be helping Jenni Hogan out at KIRO TV with the traffic reports.