SPONSOR ALERT: Mechanix Wear joins ABRA as Associate Sponsor


ABRA Chairman Sam Cole announced today that Valencia, California based Mechanix Wear has signed on as an associate sponsor of the 2009 ABRA racing season, and will receive “Official Product Status” from the series.

“Mechanix Wear is an outstanding brand, highly respected by America’s work force and especially the racing industry, and a company we are very proud to have associated with the American Boat Racing Association,” said Cole.

Mechanix Wear Gloves became a major part of the American racing landscape when their gloves were used by pit crews at the 1992 Daytona 500. Since then, the company has developed a complete line of quality racing equipment, gloves and shoes, as well as specialized gloves and equipment for construction, industrial, gardening, tactical and other automotive uses.

Mechanix Wear Director of Racing Ted Abdon said, “Mechanix Wear is very excited to be a part of the ABRA series and we look forward to working with this exciting and unique form of motorsport. We are confident that we will receive valuable input from the teams and series officials about our products and will use that information to keep Mechanix Wear the Number 1 glove in all aspects of racing.

As part of the associate sponsorship, Mechanix Wear will provide each team with gloves and other merchandise. Gloves will also be provided to all ABRA staff and Kevlar gloves and heat sleeves will be provided to the ABRA Safety Crew.

The 2009 “Mechanix Wear Crew Chief of the Year” will be awarded a trophy and a product certificate for additional Mechanix Wear merchandise. Information on Mechanix Wear products can be found at http://www.mechanix.com/