Quick Editorial Note...


What Ken Muscatel and the group putting together the Thunder on the Ohio event for Evansville have done - in a very short amount of time - is nothing less than spectacular.

This race site could have been gone forever. Now, not only will the Unlimited Hydroplanes continue to race there... and keep the tradition alive... but Evansville has a new, major league event in town.

It's not just hydros... it's a world class Rib fest... it's a classic car show... and now... it's a major concert venue! Each one of the events is worthy of its own promotion, but you can go to all of them in one amazing weekend, for one price!

Congrats to everyone involved.


Anonymous said...

Ken and the rest of the ABRA has done a great job in preserving the race in Evansville. The Evansville press has been reporting all week on how far below expectations. The organizers were shocked that this happens when you take an event centered around a hydroplane race and took away the hydroplane race. It will be interesting to see the attendance figures of the race this fall compared to the Freedom Festival this year. One thing I can't understand is why the ABRA has worked so hard to preserve the Evansville race and decided to let the San Diego race die this year, especially after they propped it up for the last few years. Why couldn't the ABRA take over the sanctioning of the San Diego race the same way they did the Evansville race?

Kirk Duncan said...

Actually the ABRA has not taken over the Evansville race. Ken Muscatel has formed a group, with his own money and independant of the ABRA, to help Thunder re-form this year. While he's the ABRA Vice Chairman, he's also on the board of Thunder----but the ABRA has not sanctioned Evansville.

I think the reason why all the effort into saving Thunder is because their seems to be a group that wants to be saved. I don't think the same can be said about San Diego.

Just my thoughts on the situation.