Jeff Bernard, Steve David on competition, health of the sport


"Last year, it was a dream come true," said U-5 driver Jeff Bernard. "Going to Madison as defending winner… that place will mean something to me the rest of my life. I’ll never forget."

It will be tougher. J. Michael Kelly moving into the U-7 and defending U-1 champion Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison and Steve David. Not to mentionDave Villwock returning to the full circuit in the U-16.

“Some of the other teams may not have the depth of equipment of (U-16) Elam, but we can overcome a lot," said U-1 driver Steve David. “They (U-16) can go out knowing the lane they want to start in and can set up that way,” said Bernard.

"The competition's never been better," said David. "Now you're talking 7 boats deep (with a chance to win)."

"Going to different countries is cool," said Bernard. "Hopefully, the exhibition in Kelowna (British Columbia) will be a race (in the future).