Complete team updates



U-1, as the other boats, spent the off-season tweaking equipment and settings to run at the lower 4.1 gpm max fuel flow. Yes, Steve David is back to defend his title. U-1 boat photo tour >>


U-3 team has what they describe as three "virtually new" engines to start the season. Competing with the turbines running at a lower fuel flow, Jimmy King and the U-3 should be better able to keep up speed without burning through engines as quickly. U-3 boat photo tour >>

U-5 / U-7

Jeff Bernard returns in the U-5. The boat has a Terry Troxell sticker on the side for 2009. J. Michael Kelly takes over driving duties for the U-7 in 2009. U-5/U-7 photo boat tour >>


U-10 is not planning to run in 2009 as of right now.


U-13 is not planning to run at this time, although Detroit may be a possibility. If it does run, the U-13 team will need a new crew chief and driver as J. Michael Kelly will be driving the U-7 this year, replacing Mike Allen, and U-13 crew chief Curt Tavener, who is crewing the U-100 this season.


Erick Ellstrom's U-16 team plans to run the entire season with driver Dave Villwock behind-the-wheel. U-16 photo boat tour >>


U-17 will also run the entire season with driver Kip Brown, last year's rookie-of-the-year. The team reports much better performance in testing. U-17 photo boat tour >>


Mike Webster will make his unlimited hydroplane debut in the U-22, a re-built piston boat now running with a turbine engine. The boat will debut in Madison. U-22 photo boat tour >>


Ken Muscatel's re-built U-25 won't be ready for Madison and may not be ready to hit the water before Tri-Cities. For the first few races, he'll be sitting in a rented hydro, most likely the boat Fred Leland ran last year as the U-100. U-25 photo boat tour >>


U-37 has a new paint scheme. It's still yellow, but minus the checkerboard design. Jean Theoret returns as driver. John Rice will be the U-7 crew chief for this season. U-37 photo boat tour >>


Last year, he drove the U-50. But this season, Brian Perkins will drive the U-48, Greg O'Farrell's other boat. It appears the team will only run one boat this season. U-48 photo boat tour >>


U-100 Leland's team has spent the off-season retooling the 1999 hull, which the U-100 team will run in 2009. Jim Harvey will crew the U-100.