ULHRA's John Lynch moving on?

The Last Lynch Line?

In a couple of ways, yes. It’s the last Lynch Line for the year 2008 and it’s the last Lynch Line to be written from my now former home of Auburn WA…….but the last Lynch Line ever? Is ULHRA's John Lynch moving on? Answer, below.

The new racing season commences at the end of April in Phoenix (Chandler) AZ. As I write this the Phoenix race is looking particularly good with sub freezing temperatures and snow here in western Washington State.

Lots of people think the economy right now is hazardous to motor sports. At the top end, maybe, with all of the job losses and sponsorship reductions at NASCAR teams and other series. Keep in mind the top NASCAR teams were commanding up to 25 million dollars a year from a single Title Sponsor. Here at ULHRA, according to Director of Marketing Wil Muncey, we’re finding exactly the opposite. Sponsors are stepping up. Wil and his wife-business partner-team owner Debi Muncey and other ULHRA officials have been traveling to the eastern and southern regions of the USA, meeting with media representatives, community leaders, government officials and local facility owners to build regattas for the ULHRA that are substantially east of the Pacific Time Zone…..specifically, North Carolina and Florida. Notable in this eastward reach is the revitalization of the Miami Marine stadium. The reception for ULHRA has been very good.

John Lynch
“Voice” of ULHRA Racing

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