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Dick Gordon passes away

Richard (Dick) T. Gordon of Harrison Township, Mich. passed away December 18, 2008 with complications from heart surgery.

Gordon started the family-owned Fairlane Tool Co. and American Aircraft Parts Manufacturing -- makers of landing gear for US military fighters, both in Fraser, Mich. The family also runs Heat Safe, a company that has been a sponsor on the U-16 Miss Elam and U-5/U-7 Formula Boats unlimited hydroplanes.

"Dick Gordon has helped just about every team in unlimited hydroplane racing for the past twenty-five plus years, " said Tracy Bratvold, motor mastermind of the Ellstrom's race team. He said the family has built short and long shafts, case halves for both pistons and turbines, and other turbine engine parts. He also generously gave teams space to work on their boats while on the midwestern series races.

Gordon continued that after the loss of Rick Wayne Gordon, his son, in early August.

Dick Gordon is survived by his wife Laureen, sons Mark and Mike, several grandchildren and great grandchildren.