Chip Hanauer speaks out

“I was in love with racing from the first, but I’ll admit car racing was my first love,” says Chip Hanauer. “I was caught up in the romance of it, the international stars. My greatest admiration was for a man like Jim Clark who represented a great personality contrast. Here he was a mild mannered Scottish gentleman, a farmer, yet the master of his craft in an intensely aggressive profession.”

Chip Hanauer will be the keynote speaker at the 2009 BMWCCA - Puget Sound Chapter
Saturday Jan 31 @ Marriot Courtyard DT Bellevue, WA
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More Kelowna Reaction

The Unlimiteds have raced in Kelowna six times, the last time in 1999. Mira Slovak won the first race in 1966 aboard the Tahoe Miss and was followed by Mike Thomas aboard the Miss Budweiser the following year. After nearly 30 years away, the hydros returned for four-straight years, with Dave Villwock winning aboard the PICO American Dream in 1996 and again aboard the Miss Budweiser in 1999. Mark Evans won the two races in between, both aboard the PICO. While the announcement does not change the number of actual races on the 2009 ABRA schedule, it does give the organization more events on the water. A possible exhibition in Chattanooga, Tenn., is also being negotiated.

Unlimited hydro racing returning to Kelowna in 2009 >>

Next summer’s appearance of hydroplanes here is expected to be a test run. But if the city’s recent attitude to events that draw large crowds of young people to the city’s lakeshore in the summer is anything to go by, the stay may not be too long. Just ask the organizers of Wakefest.

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