Kelowna Event approved

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Kelowna event is approved!

If I heard it right, the count is 5 in favor, 3 opposed. However, the motion for the event has passed and the road is paved for an exhibition race in Kelowna in 2009.

Kelowna Update

Council chair expresses support; asks for community support after exhibition. By my count, that's 4 to 2 in favor. Not sure the total number of people on the council or how the actual vote will go however...!

Kelowna: More comments

Another council comment against the proposal, citing the park would be closed four weekends out of five for events. Also, promixity to marshes - "It's not a good site. We're not hepling by promoting this type of event."

Councilor Reid described herself as "a respected environmentlist in this community"and that she will support the pilot event and the next phase in 2010 with some oversite on the environmental impact and inclusion of environmental groups in the community.

Kelonwa: Council comments during run up to voting

Councilor Hodge: "I have some serious concerns with noise and with the environmental issue. I’m not concerned we’ve done a good job in the past and that we will do a better job this time. I’d like to have seen a report on that and how we load the cranes into the park.

It’s really a pilot project for a much bigger project. I have some concerns about even the small project. Without the ability to have a staff report on that, I’m going ot have to vote against this."

Two other have expressed support; another has said they will vote against it based on noise and park closures.

Hydros in Kelowna - Council is deliberating now

A motion has been made to approve an Unlimited Hydroplane exhibition event in Kelowna for 2009... and seconded... debating now...

Kelowna Hydroplane Event update

Right now, Kelowna City Council is hearing arguments on behalf of holding an exhibition event (3-4 boats) in 2009. The mood so far seems fairly supportive, but there have been questions raised about the noise and environmental impacts - specifically about protecting the nearby marsh which has been damaged in events previously.

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