MADISON COURIER: "U-16 Miss Elam Plus team... may pull out as well."

Normally, we don't pass along rumors... but when they're published in the newspaper, we figure you can look at them and make up your own mind. In the article in the Madison Courier about the U-37 team for sale was this tidbit:

The changes within the U-37 Schumacher Racing Team is the first of what could be a rough off-season for the American Boat Racing Association fleet. The status of the U-10 USA Racing Partners is still up in the air after the death of co-owner Kim Gregory and unconfirmed rumors have speculated that the U-16 Miss Elam Plus team - which skipped four of the six races this season - may pull out as well.

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My emails to the Elam team have gone unanswered so far...

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