Latest Info I Have From Evansville

I have overheard some things about Evansville. I heard the possibility that some sort of festival may happen about a week or two earlier than the traditional Thunder date. Boats were mentioned but could not get anyone to confirm that! I do know that some sort of three day event may be planned with carnival rides being located about a block from main and riverside. Possibly the old Kenny Kent car dealership lot.  If I hear of anymore updates I will pass along.  

I have also heard that air show permits are normally turned in by now, and nothing for Evansville has be filed.  This is a rumor I heard  and I struggled with posting that information, but maybe a reader of the blog may have more information that could shed some light on the truths of the air show permit rumor and when they are normally filed.

The Evansville docks are still located on a flat bed truck in their normal off season location.  This information was passed on by a longtime Thunder pit volunteer.

Mike Fetscher