Record Run for Electric Powered Hydroplane

Found on YouTube: Michael Bontoft runs 98.806 average at run for new UIM Kilo record (pending certification) in battery powered Hydro. Michael Bontoft makes kilo run of 98.253MPH 2 way average for APBA record in battery powered Hydro.

Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane

In 1953 the Ferrari Arno XI set a world 800kg-class speed record of 150.49 mph. Surprisingly this little guy can do 20 mph which scaled up would be way faster than the real thing. You can get the the remote controlled Ferrari Arno XI hydroplane for $2,000. >>

Rick Bridgeman: Story and VIDEO

Rick Bridgeman's career as a hydroplane racer ended that day on the Columbia River. His life and love of the sport did not.

Easing off the throttle: Hydro racer leaves cockpit
but not sport >>


After you read the article above, you may want to view the video below of Bridgeman's flip from the archives from Columbia Cup 2005.

Hot Boat

U-7 is featured as a "Hot Boat of the Month" in, where else? Hot Boat magazine. Follow the link then go to page 43...

Two different SRT U-25 hulls being built

Rick Lentz and Nelson Holmberg -- two former members of Dr. Ken Muscatel'sSuperior Racing Team, during the early 2000s -- are working on two different versions of the SRT U-25 hull, which are expected to be christened next spring.

And the race is on >>