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We didn't get robbed the sport got robbed. The fans got robbed. Other teams got robbed. If the U6 doesn't get cut off, they probably win this race. If Theoret wasn't washed down he would have been in a better position to win this race. So when you're criticizing folks for voicing their opinions you need to remember that 11 drivers go out and race boats at 200 mph.

At the snap of your fingers they could die and many have. This isn't about team prestige or trophies. This is about driver safety and the integrity of this sport.

You can't build a fan base if the fans don't understand the rules. The fans can't understand the rules if the way that they are enforced is incosistent. Put yourself in the shoes of a first time viewer. Now what do you think about Bayfair? The video doesn't lie and the ABRA took 2 hours to figure out who jumped the gun. A task that could have been done in seconds. However, they never even considered looking at the mill and 3 officials in helicopters didn't see the multiple infractions. That's amazing considering the trail in the salt water doesn't lie either. These people need the proper equipment to make these calls and bring back the integrity of this sport.

Source: U-37 website

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VIDEO: San Diego Finals - The entire race

Video is a joint project of and ABRA

VIDEO: San Diego Heat 3B

Video is a joint project of and ABRA.

VIDEO: Start of the San Diego Finals - Extended Version

Here's an extended video of what happened in the last turn before the start of the final. It starts earlier than the previous version we posted.

If you want to download a high resolution version and view it full screen, click here to download. We've backed up the video so you have an even better view of the video

Thanks to Kage at Hydropage for the request!

Watch it a couple of times and you'll see the U-5 and U-6 get tight together. The U-6 has to go inside and hits the buoy. The U-37 suddenly pulls hard to the right to avoid collision and slows. The U-5 also slows up. Everybody else zooms by... three boats hit the start line too early.

VIDEO: San Diego Heat 3A

Video is a joint project of and ABRA

VIDEO: San Diego Heat 2B

Video is a joint project of and ABRA

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Three videos showing the recovery efforts in bringing the boat back to shore.

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The U-7 leaves the docks...

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Watch the confetti fly as the Oberto team celebrates winning the National Championship on the docks.

U-6 returns to the docks after wrapping up the championship

San Diego Videos

I will have more heat videos and the finals posted shortly... so check back soon!

VIDEO: Lamb Weston signs on for two more years of sponsorship of Tri-Cities race site

"It was a great opportunity for us to really help nourish our employees and give them an event to come to and be proud of," said Jeff DeLapp, with Lamb Weston.

"It's been highly successful and everybody really appreciates the time and energy that goes into it and the resources that we get from our sponsors," said Kathy Powell, with the Tri-City Water Follies.


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