Steve David: "It was hit a buoy or hit the kid"

Again, ABRA officials missed the call, Steve David said. "It was hit a buoy or hit the kid," the disgusted Steve David said. "Next time it will be different."

U-6 driver Steve David in a News Release from the team talking about the incident in the final turn before the start line of the finals at San Diego.

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HYDROINSIDER.COM: Includes VIDEO of the incident

VIDEO: Awards Ceremony

Video is a joint production of and ABRA

VIDEO: Jockeying before the start of final

Video is a joint product of and ABRA

Watch it a couple of times and you'll see the U-5 and U-6 get tight together. The U-6 has to go inside and hits the buoy. The U-37 suddenly pulls hard to the right to avoid collision and slows. The U-5 also slows up. Everybody else zooms by.

It's easier to see in a full frame, high quality video but the file's larger. If you want to download it and watch the larger video, click here.

From the U-37 website...

The ABRA did it again.There will be no Sunday update. If you'd like the results please go to and click on their contact us link. Ask them why they made a call during the race and then reversed it 2 hours after the race ended? They didn't hose the U37 this time. They hosed the fans yet again. Ask them why the U37 was the ONLY boat to get the checkered flag but they still don't have a trophy to prove it. You were there or you watch it on the internet. Tell them how you saw the race.

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