Results changed - U5 declared winner in San Diego

After further review, ABRA issued its final, official results for Bayfair, awarding the win to Jeff Bernard in Ted Porter's U-5

"We purposely held up the official results while we reviewed video from the start," said ABRA Chairman Sam Cole on "We gathered all of the owners, except those from one team who sent a representative, and showed them video.

The video, Cole says, clearly demonstrates what happened.

Final Results - Official

1. U-5 Jeff Bernard
2. U-37 Beacon Plumbing Jean Theoret
3. U-7 Mike Allen
4. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto Steve David
5. U-13 Graham Trucking/Spirit of Detroit J. Michael Kelly
6. U-50 Spirit of the Navy Brian Perkins

Final Results: U-37 Beacon Plumbing Jean Theoret win Bayfair 2008

Final Heat @ Bayfair, San Diego 2008

  1. U-37 Beacon Plumbing Jean Theoret
  2. U-7 Mike Allen
  3. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison and Steve David *
  4. U-5 Jeff Bernard *
  5. U-13 Graham Trucking/Spirit of Detroit J. Michael Kelly *
  6. U-50 Spirit of the Navy Brian Perkins *

    * jumped the gun - one lap penalty

Some tense moments for the U-6 team as the boat didn't fire when it was time to spool up for the finals. But the crew managed to get it going in time to get out on the course.

ABRA reinstituted the 1:00 score-up buoy as teams battled for the inside lane before the one-minute gun. David grabbed the inside lane heading into the buoy and Jean Theoret in the U-37 was in lane two. Jeff Bernard in the U-5 moved in on David to grab the lane and pushed David into the buoy, forcing Theoret to go wide. That may have actually helped Theoret as he had to slow as he changed course. More on that in a minute.

David recovered first and hit the start/finish line first. After the first lap of the 5 lap finals, it was the U-6 in first, U-5 second and U-13 in third, U-37 in fourth. David lengthened out the lead in the second lap, which held through the third lap.

But hang on a second... or should I say a lap... ABRA officials determined that everyone except for Jean Theoret in the U-37 and Mike Allen in the U-7 had jumped the gun! That meant Theoret, in fourth, was actually the leader as all the other boats were assessed a one lap penalty.

Theoret cruised to victory and Mike Allen held on for second.

VIDEO: San Diego 2008 Heat 1B with play-by-play

Video is a joint project of and ABRA.

VIDEO: San Diego Heat 1A with play-by-play

Video is a joint project of and ABRA.

VIDEO: Interview with Steve David after Heat 1B win

Consolation Heat: No winner

Consolation Heat

DNF. U-25 Ken Muscatel
DNF. U-3 Jimmy King

Weird consolation heat. The U-25 was by itself on the course while the U-3 tried to get revved to go. The U-25 hooked violently to the left in the Sea World turn and Dr. Ken was forced to shut it down. The U-3 did get on the water, but was shut down.

So... unsure now whether either boat can/will get into the final. audio play-by-play of Heat 2A, 2B, Oberto Championship

Go3Racing website >>

Oberto U-1 Crest

Consolation / Final match-ups


U-3, U-25


U-5, U-6, U-7, U-13, U-37, U-50

Heat 3B Results

1. U-5
2. U-6
3. U-13
DNS. U-3

Heat 3A Results

1. U-37
2. U-50
DNS. U-25, U-7
DNF. U-100

New U-1 for 2009

With the second place finish in Heat 2B, the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto wins the National High Points team Championship!

Heat 2B Results

1. U37
2. U6
3. U13
4. U50

Heat 2A Results

1. U5
2. U7
3. U100
DNF U3, U25

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