Friday Qualifying at San Diego

Qualifying teams/times so far...

  1. U-5
    Jeff Bernard 158.612
  2. U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing
    Jean Theoret 158.083
  3. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto / Miss Madison
    Steve David 156.214
  4. U-7
    Mike Allen 155.483
  5. U-13 Spirit of Detroit/Graham Trucking
    J. Michael Kelly 155.432
  6. U-3 Grandview Resort presents Hoss Mortgage Investors
    Jimmy King 155.084
  7. U-25 Superior Racing
    Dr. Ken Muscatel 148.743
  8. U-50 Spirit of the Navy
    Brian Perkins 144.671

U-100 had mechanical problem; should be OK to qualify on Saturday.


One-minute score up buoy reinstated

Chief referee Mike Noonan announced earlier that a one-minute score up buoy(previously used in Madison, Evansville and Detroit) will be reinstated for the San Diego race."With the salt here, we don't want the boats going slow, so we'll probably put the one-minute score up buoy somewhere in turn one," said Noonan. "That way, they'll have to go pretty fast to get there from the starting line."