San Diego Pics

Here are just a few pics from Thursday.

9 boats in the pits on Thursday in San Diego

9 Boats here in the pits. 11 counting huricane and 787. Weather is Nice down here just dont go swimming in the bay. They had a sewage spill today, but think the water will be ok for tomorrow. Will be posting pics later tonight. check back later.

Internet was hit and miss today :-(
I hope I can find a hot spot tomorrow.

Races on despite sewage spill

Powerboat races in Mission Bay will start as scheduled Friday despite sewage contamination that has closed the eastern part of the bay to swimming, water skiing and use of personal watercraft. “There is basically no impact on the races,” said Bart Leland, spokesman for the American Boat Racing Association Unlimited Hydroplane Races. “We're in an excellent spot” of the bay.

San Diego Union Tribune >>

Live audio stream from Unlimited Hydroplane Races in San Diego

Yes, there will be live streaming from the final race of the ABRA Unlimited Hydroplane racing season in San Diego. Steve Montgomery and Mark Allen will be doing play-by-play which you can listen to on