Archives: Gar Wood newspaper ad

This newspaper ad (circa 1930?) is up for sale now on ebay >>

Archive Video: U-24 Oh Boy! Oberto crash in 1994

1994 from Tri-Cities, WA: Mike Eacrett talks with Steve Montgomery about his crash at 190+ mph in the U-24 Oh Boy! Oberto.

Offshore powerboats could steal the thunder

The Unlimited Hydroplanes are again the featured class. But despite concerted efforts to rebuild and expand the base, the Unlimiteds will again have no more than 11 boats here for the finale of a six-race season. And the drag boats, while exciting, are clearly a support event.

The offshore boats have been invited to supplement the cast as a replacement for the Unlimited Lights. But they could steal the show depending on how many offshore boats turn out and how they are used.

Offshore powerboats could steal the thunder >>