Want to help keep hydroplane racing in Evansville? ACT NOW!

Here's an easy way to help shape public opinion in favor of keeping the hydros racing at Evansville. The Evansville Courier-Press is soliciting emails and letters about the Freedom Festival. Act before Aug. 27th.

From the paper:

The question is, do the people of Evansville want the Freedom Festival to continue, and if so, do they want it to include a hydroplane race or an air show? Or would they prefer a smaller festival, perhaps built around the Fourth of July fireworks display and other, less costly events?

What do you want to see happen with the Freedom Festival, Thunder on the Ohio and the air show? Keep your letter short, no more than 250 words. Include a daytime telephone number for verification only.

Send us your letter by Wednesday. Those selected will be published Aug. 31. Send letters by e-mail to leachc@courierpress.com, by fax to (812) 422-8196 and by mail to Letters, P.O. Box 268, Evansville, IN 47702.

Charting the finals at Seafair show interesting results

Chuck Pepka charted the course of each of the Unlimited Hydroplanes during the lead up to the start of the final race at Seafair. He used the videotapes provided by KIRO-TV, a map of the course, and plotted out locations and distances to calculate boat speeds at various points on the course as they passed key markers.

The results are interesting and should fuel the debate about the controversial finish to the Chevrolet Cup. View the charts and read the results in a HydroInsider.com Exclusive >>