Freedom Festival in Doubt

The Board of Directors of the Evansville Freedom Festival voted to give up the responsiblity of planning the event. 2008 Festival Chairman Scott Hinton released this statement:

The Freedom Festival Board of Directors has voted to relinquish the organizational responsibilities for Evansville’s annual signature riverfront event.
The board held considerable discussion in order to reach the decision to end its role in planning and presenting the Freedom Festival. They carefully weighed the increasing demands of securing adequate sponsorship funding and handling the extensive planning details for the event that has gained national attention and attracted tens of thousands of people to Evansville each year. The all-volunteer board, each with full-time jobs and family obligations were assisted by hundreds of volunteers who helped stage the annual event.
“Putting on a quality event of this size with the type of attractions that the public expects simply proved to be an enormous challenge for a relatively small group of very dedicated volunteers,” said Scott Hinton, the 2008 board president. “The Freedom Festival has grown to the point that full-time planning and staffing is needed and we realize as an all-volunteer board, we can no longer effectively meet the obligations,” added Hinton.

Go 3 Racing Heading to San Diego for Bayfair

The Go 3 Racing Team will return to San Diego BayFair on Mission Bay for the first time since 2006. Last year with no sponsorship or guaranteed prize money, it was virtually impossible for the fan favorite and only piston powered boat in the fleet and all volunteer crew to make the long haul from Southern Indiana to San Diego, California. Owner Ed Cooper, Jr. had the boat prepared to race, and ready to head west. But, the Go3 team needs money to race and made the decision to not race in 2007. This year the San Diego BayFair has secured title sponsorship from Boeing and the San Diego Union-Tribune. The race is becoming a more financially sound race site. Dr. Ken Muscatel and his new group, Thunderboats Unlimited Inc., was formed to help the San Diego event grow and remain a staple on the ABRA race circuit. Look for more announcements soon from the Go3 Racing team. The Go3 web team will go to the headquarters and take a look at preparations for the final race of the 2008 ABRA season. We'll bring you video, pictures and all the latest news from the Go3 Racing Team.