Sam Cole on Seattle appeal verdict

"When you read the rule book on this specific rule, it states that the chief referee's call is final and that's what was decided. This is not a technical call, it is a judgment call -- just like balls and strikes in baseball -- and what the referee says is final," said ABRA race chairman Sam Cole on the ABRA website.



Rick Gordon services

Rick Gordon, a Roseville, Mich supplier of shafting, gears and gear boxes to many of the modern fleet had a massive heart attack Saturday. Prior to Rick's involvement his Dad supplied the same equipment for many of the old piston boats.

Here is information about services...

In state Wednesday 9 a.m. until 10 a.m. service at St. PeterLutheran Church, 17051 24 Mile Rd., Macomb. Visitation Monday 5-8 p.m. and Tuesday 1-8 p.m. at Hauss Funeral Home, 47477 Romeo Plank, Macomb. Memorials to St. Peter Lutheran Church Organ Fund.

JMK Update

J. Michael Kelly had a very successful week of racing at the APBA Stock Outboard National Championships in Whitney Point, NY. Racing finished up this past Sunday.

JMK qualified for 7 different class finals, and scored top 5 finishes in five. His best finish was 2nd in the A Stock Hydro class, losing out on overall time after being tied for 1st.

Two 3rd places finishes in the B Stock and C Stock classes, a 4th place in the 25SS Runabout and a 5th place in the ASR class. Broken boats prevented Kelly from finishing in the two other finals in which he qualified.

Not a bad weekend racing for JMK. He had never seen these boats, much less raced them, and out raced most of his competitors. Just making a final in a particular class meant beating, at times, some 35 other racers.

Qualifying for some finals saw at least 2 sets of elimination heats, and sometimes 3 sets. The finals consisted of 12boats racing.

Next up for JMK. A rest. The U-13 Graham Trucking driver has earned it!

Photo Courtesy of Jack Lowe