VIDEO: Stuff like this scares me

This is an amazing piece of video showing a drag boat literally disintegrating before your eyes. Amazingly, the capsule pops free, the safety equipment does its job, and the driver is OK.

Rick Gordon passes away

Rick Gordon, a Roseville, Mich supplier of shafting, gears and gear boxes to many of the modern fleet had a massive heart attack Saturday.

Prior to Rick's involvement his Dad supplied the same equipment for many of the old piston boats.

Paul Becker Update

From Jim Wilmot on the Hydropage web forum:

Although his injuries are not life threatening, Paul is recovering tonight from a broken ankle and minor spinal trauma from his blowover in today's Silverdale race. The boat (UL-14) is cracked pretty badly and will take a lot of energy to repair. Please keep him and his team in your thoughts and prayers.

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