PHOTOS: U-37 start in Seattle

Photos by Rod Smith

Roger Newton has passed away

We have received word that Roger Newton passed away this Saturday. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Roger Newton update

UPDATE: Not good news here... Roger Newton has taken a turn for the worse. As many of you know, Roger's been in bad shape since having a heart attack recently. Updates to follow...

Roger Newton, former Ken Muscatel Freei crew chief, R/C model builder and Hydroplane Raceboat Museum volunteer and current prop man on the U-48/U-50 team suffered a heart attack after the Columbia Cup in Kennewick, Washington race and was hospitalized in Seattle.

His quadruple bypass seemed to go well last week, however there had been complication since. He had been put on artificial heart devices to try to get him through the weekend and determine whether a heart transplant was necessary.
Our thoughts and prayers go out for Roger and his family.

JMK Racing for National Titles

No rest for the weary. Almost immediately after driving at Seattle Seafair, U-13 driver J. Michael Kelly hopped on a plane and headed across country. Why? To race in the APBA Stock Outboard National Championships in Whitney Point, NY. The event started Monday August 4 and concludes Sunday August 11.

JMK raced in 6 classes of outboard hydros and qualified for 4 finals. Impressive considering he had never sat in the drivers seat for any of these hydros until he raced the boats.

As of this writing, JMK finished 2nd in the A Stock Hydro class and 4th in the 25SS Runabout class. He still has to race in the C Stock Hydro and B Stock Hydro finals. We'll update those results when we recieve them.

What's more impressive about Kelly's success is the level of competetion he is facing. Each final has 12 boats competing, and is some classes 2 or 3 rounds of elimination heats just to make a final. Up to 34 boats could be competing for the 12 spots in the final. Add to that, the class National champ from the previous year, the Region champ are invited, so only 4-6 spots are open. One must finish in the top two or three to qualify. Remember that JMK is racing in these different classes in boats he has never driven until this week!

Several of the class boats, the A Stock and C Stock that JMK is driving are owned by Mark Tate, the former Gold Cup and 4 time National driving champ. Ironically the current U-13 Graham Trucking hull that JMK is driving was also driven by Tate.

The event will conclude on Sunday August 11. Check back for more results for J. Michael Kelly as he competes in the Stock Outboard National Championships.

Perkins Hopes to End Gauntlet on High Note

"It's unbelievable," said (Kayleigh) Perkins... "I wouldn't trade what I'm doing for anything else in the world."

PHOTO: Kayleigh wins in South Dakota

Navy: Hydroplanes are an extreme sport that appeals to the masses

Lt. Cmdr. Heather Kline, NRD Seattle enlisted programs officer. “I think the hydroplane appeals to the masses and it’s an extreme type of sport, which people are interested in. It makes people ask more questions. They think, ‘wow if they have a hydroplane, what else do they do?’.”


PHOTO: James Crisp

WANTED: Blogger for San Diego

It appears now that I will be unable to attend the races in San Diego, so I need someone who is willing to handle the HydroInsider Live Blog Sept 19-21.

In exchange for handling the blog, I should be able to provide media credentials, a great place to watch the races, and maybe a parking pass. You'll need a laptop with wireless.

If you might want to take this on, please email me. Thanks.

Paul Dughi