Hydro coverage in Wall Street Journal

Hit the link and read down the page a bit to see the info about the "green" hydroplane, the U-787. READ MORE >>

U-13 repairs underway, going well

This just in from U-13 crew member John Burkey regarding the repairs on the Graham Trucking presents Spirit of Detroit hydroplane:

"Let me say it's going well, they want to hang the strut (Wednesday) sometime. A lot of patch panels are in place and it looks good. When they got a good look it wasn't as bad as Evansville, but it has been really busy so far."

Formula Boats team basically ready for Seafair

Jim Bakke of the U-5 Formula Boats hydroplane reported on Tuesday that both the U-5 and the U-7 are basically ready to run at Seafair.

Minor repairs on the U-5 have been taken care of, replacing a bracket on the transom that connects the angle brackets inside the fairings to the body of the boat. That bracket had come loose when Jeff Bernard was hit by a roostertail in the mill before the final, causing a very rough ride for Bernard, Bakke said.