PHOTO: Damage to the U-37 in Columbia Cup final

The U-37 Beacon Plumbing team has its work cut out for itself this week to try to piece the U-37 back together before Seafair. The prop broke during the finals - costing driver Jean Theoret the trophy - and blew holes in the boat.

Wednesday Media Roundup

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"I think our market might better suit somebody who drives a Porsche rather than a pickup, in some respects," (U-1's Dave) Villwock said.
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"Divers and salvage team are working overtime this week on the Columbia River. Three props and one rudder are lying at the bottom of the river. The U-5, the U-13 Graham Trucking and the U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing all lost props while the U-48 Albert Lee presents Lakeridge Paving lost a rudder, pushing David Williams into a dangerous hook while he was in second place during his heat."

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"I'll guarantee you I can go up the beach and look at every owner and tell they'll finish the entire season with a loss from anywhere from $300,000 to $800,000," (said U-3's Ed Cooper).

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VIDEO: Columbia Cup Hydro Racing Recap

Seafair TV Coverage planned in HDTV!

Widescreen roostertails... KIRO-TV plans to air its Unlimited Hydroplane race coverage at Seafair in Seattle in High Definition!

Sunday, August 3rd
  • 9-10am
    Seafair Start-Up Show
  • 10am-5pm
    Chevrolet Cup Hydroplane Races

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Live streaming planned at KIROTV.COM

Albert Lee Spirit of the Navy poses with Blues

Thanks to our good friends at Go Fast, Turn Left Racing Team, here are a couple of photos of the U-50 Albert Lee Appliances presents Spirit of the Navy, "posing" with the Blue Angels at Boeing Field on Monday.

Go Fast Turn Left Racing Update

The time since returning home from a second place finish at the Columbia Cup has been busy for Greg O'Farrell's Go Fast, Turn Left Racing Team.

The team got the U-48 Miss Lakeridge Paving into the shop and began repairing the rudder bracket and associated systems.

"Repairs on the 48 are underway as we breathe," said crew member Patrick Gleason on Tuesday morning. "The new rudder bracket should be in place shortly and other repairs are underway."

Gleason also reported that some minor repairs to the bottom were expected to be happening as well. The U-50's "new style" cowl repairs were complete, too, and the team plans to have it back on the boat in Seattle.

More reaction from Columbia Cup Finals

On his lane violation penalty: "We had three boats trying to get into two lanes. So the 5 tried to cross behind the 10 and I pulled up alongside the 10 and didn't allow him to do that and they called me for it because I closed off the possibility but he had no right-away at that point. He came from the infield and he doesn't have right-away at that point. We were here to test things, get things running, and we did that, so that's good."

On breaking his prop: "It was a great disappointment, but also it is a very satisfying feeling to go out there and be in front so much, to be with all these fast competitors, to get the inside lane. It was great satisfaction and then a great disappointment. But if that's the way the Lord wants it, then we have to accept it."

On the win: "Let's let the Oberto team thank every other team out there because I know they drove their hearts out. Dave Bryant, Jean Theoret, who was clearly beating us, and the Formula guys really battled all day, and Dave Villwock and the Elam were running fast. We are running with some of the finest drivers in the world. Today's our day, tomorrow, who knows. Oberto will celebrate this day. We go from here with a lot more points than we came in with. Oberto is delighted. This is one of the few races I hadn't one, so it is an honor to win this one."