With Terry Troxell back in the cockpit this weekend for the Unlimited Lights in the Tri-Cities, it is an excuse to roll out "Troxilla!"

Here's the story from Karl Fortner:
If I understand correctly the story behind troxzilla was an Unlimited Promo in San Diego with a Japanese group in attendance. Terry Troxell was introduced and they had difficulty in pronouncing Troxell. In an attempt to help out by word association Greg Hopp made the reference to Godzilla being a similar sound to Troxell and the visitors tied the two together hence Troxzilla came to be.

The Troxzilla song was a challenge put out by Terry in 2004 during an evening out at one of their favorite night spots, to friend and karaoke host, to write lyrics for the Blue Oyster Cult song Godzilla, the end result attached.

Interesting note, the lyrics of the song played out in 2005 at the Detroit Gold Cup when Terry won the Final heat driving the boat that I am led to understand was the Smokin’ Joe.

Click on the DOWNLOAD FILE graphic to grab the MP3 file and listen...

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