Saturday Photos

Sat photos from Craig Barney:

PHOTOS: Saturday heat racing

Photos by Larry Forsgren, new KNDU-TV General Manager. Larry has taken over in Tri-Cities and Yakima as I've departed to manage the Cowles California Media TV station group.
Paul Dughi

U-7 gets wet

The backup U-7 arrived "empty" in the Lampson pits at Columbia Park in the Tri-Cities. Their was some wiring in place and some electrical, but for the most part, Ted Porter's crew had to build everything else while in the pits.

Part of that work crew was Jimmy Shane, named as the driver for the second year in a row in Tri-Cities after Mike Allen had an accident in the U-7.

Despite working nearly around the clock, the team was unable to put the boat in the water on Saturday before qualifying ended.

"Hopefully by Sunday," said Shane. "It came empty and we've had to build it here. We hope to get on the water tomorrow (Sunday)." But the crew was able to get things together, fired it up on the trailer, and then got it out on the water after the heat racing had ended for the day.

Shane did two laps in the 113 mph and 121 mph range. They should be able to a Commissioner's exemption and, despite not qualifying, race on Sunday.

PHOTO: Archives, Shane with U-5 - James Crisp

VIDEO: talk of the pits

If you missed it on Friday, here's the story was that was talk of the pits on Saturday: Kayleigh Perkins and Brian Perkins got a chance to grab the microphone and interview each other for KNDU-TV. The brother-sister hydroplane drivers act like... well... brother and sister.

VIDEO: Cockpit camera on U-13

Courtesy Walt Ottenad, NW Speed Shots, and U-13 team

VIDEO: Heat 1C

VIDEO: Heat 1B

VIDEO: Heat 1A

VIDEO: Steve David after winning Heat 1C

VIDEO: Jimmy King after winning Heat 1B

VIDEO: Dave Villwock after winning Heat 1A

PHOTOS: Villwock, King, David after Heat wins

PHOTO: The Hydropage button!

Go to the Hydropage Web Forum to talk hydro racing >>

U-25 update

The U-25 broke a steering cable in Heat 1C when it spun out and went into the infield and was unable to finish. It's not exactly an off-the-shelf item ro something that's easily fabricated off-site.

Dr. Ken Muscatel said the boat was running fine until it snapped. The folks at Lampson crane are trying to see if it's something they can make in their machine shop overnight. If they can do something, we might see the U-25 backon the water again this weekend. If not, they are done racing for Columbia Cup 2008.

What's the chances they'll be back on the water? "50/50," said Muscatel.

Heat 1C Results

1. U-6 Steve David
2. U-10 David Bryant
3. U-17 Kip Brown
DNF. U-25 Ken Muscatel

In the race-before-the-race, Steve David in the U-6 had lane one when David Bryant snuck through the infield with a minute before the race. But David snuck by him, got far enough ahead and grabbed the inside lane again.

David was a bit early and had to slow up before the start line, giving Bryant a chance to sling-shot past the U-6 at the start. The U-6 showed its speed when David ran Bryant down on the back straightaway to claim the lead across the start/finish line, stretching out to a two roostertail lead by the end of the second lap.

Ken Muscatel spun out in turn two on the second lap and went into the infield, allowing Kip Brown to slide by for third place.

Heat 1B Results

1. U-3 Jimmy King
2. U-37 Jean Theoret
3. U-100 Greg Hopp

DNS. U-13 J. Michael Kelly

Before the heat started, both the U13 and U37 died in the score up. Jean Theoret got the U37 up and running, but J. Michael Kelly was not so lucky.

Theoret was able to recover, but had to play catch up to Jimmy King in the U-3 the whole way around. King pulled out a full roostertail lead by the end of the second lap and cruised to victory.

Heat 1A Results

1. U-1 Dave Villwock

2. U-5 Jeff Bernard

3. U-50 Brian Perkins

4. U-48 David Williams


Go to and click on the LIVE VIDEO STREAM link

Heat Draws







PHOTO: Dave Villwock, U-16

Ultimate U-37 Fan

Meet Derek Anderson - PHOTO: Courtesy KNDU's Scott Reister's camera phone

U-7 Update

The U-7 will not be getting wet on Saturday. Jimmy Shane said the boat came over as a shell with nothing in it. The crew has worked their tails off this weekend trying to get it put together. They hope to be race ready for Sunday.


It appears to be good news for the Formulaboats team as Jeff Bernard says that the shaft to the prop had a clean break. He didn't think there was any damage to the hull, prop or engine. They'll get the hull on the trailer and check the system out. The gearbox is a concern. But, initial reports from Jeff Bernard was that it not as bad as it could have been.

U-5 throws a prop?

Jeff Bernard and the U-5 are currently under tow coming back into the pits. Initial reports from the Formula crew say they threw a propellar in turn 2. They'll know more once they get the boat on the trailer.

Afternoon qualifying

U-10, U-50 and U-1 all out testing. U-1 laps of 159.120 and 161.143.

PHOTO: Driver Autograph Session

PHOTO: Working on the U-3 engines

PHOTO: RC Hydros, Shark Boat!

PHOTO: Kip Brown in the U-17

Kip has all but one lap he needs to qualify as an Unlimited driver officially. Should happen in afternoon session.

VIDEO: Kayleigh Perkins, UL-72 driver

VIDEO: Brian Perkins, U-50 driver

VIDEO: RC Hydroplanes at Tri-Cities

VIDEO: Promo for the UHL On-Line Hydro racing simulation

Qualifying through Session 4

Qualifying times to date

  1. U-1 162.722
  2. U-3 162.074
  3. U-6 161.492
  4. U-10 160.054
  5. U-37 159.145
  6. U-13 158,699
  7. U-5 157,172
  8. U-17 151.604
  9. U-50 147.545
  10. U-48 143.586
  11. U-100 139.853

U-7, U-25 yet to qualify

VIDEO: Kayleigh and Brian Perkins, Hydro's Brother-Sister Duo

VIDEO: David Williams' book on Tri-Cities racing

VIDEO: Qualifying

Steve David, U6 driver: "Fastest fleet ever in the Tri-Cities."

Kip Brown only needs one more kap to qualify as a driver.

Kip Brown close

Kip Brown took the U-17 out and completed 5 laps well over the required 130 mph mark to qualify as a driver. Unfortunately he needed one more to complete the 15 laps required. He had instruction to be off the river at 10:59 am, so the air show could start.

The next test session is scheduled for 12:30 to 2:00, so Kip should be able to get qualified and race in heat action today.

More testing

U-6 out doing timing runs. Trying to figure out how "slow" to go before 1 minute pin. Getting ready to race.

U-1 also doing timing runs. Mainly staying in outside lanes, what Dave loves to do and wins from.

U-48 did three laps of 144+

U-100 qualified doing a 139.422 and 139.053

PHOTO: U-16, U-37, U-13

PHOTO: U-3 gets ready to go

Jimmy King says they are set for engines and "we're in it to win."

PHOTO: Mark Evans 4-Seater Hydroplane

Available now for rides on the Columbia River.

PHOTOS: U-6, U-17

Sat Morning Media Round-Up

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Evans back in his element roaming the pits >>

Hopp shatters own record in UL-15 >>

Reigning unlimited hydroplane king is back >>

Kip Brown gets his first Unlimited ride >>

U-17 Run and U-10

Kip Brown's quest to qualify as an unlimited driver took a huge step forward this morning. Needing 15 laps, 10 of those at 130 mph or higher, Kip added 5 laps to the count. Four of those were over the required 130 mark and upped the U-17s qualifying speed as well:
1st lap 128
2nd lap 143.884
3rd lap 148.792
4th lap 151.604 (best speed for U-17)
5th lap 147.304

My unofficial count is he has completed 10 of 15 needed laps and 5 of 10 over 13o. This is UNOFFICIAL!

U-10 test runs

1. 150.662
2. 155.755
3. 156.106

Early Morning Speeds

A little choppy on the Columbia River, but beautiful weather. The chop made for some fast speeds as the U-1 Miss Elam scored the fastest qualifying run of the weekend. Dave Villwock took the defending national champ boat to a 162.722 speed, eclipsing Steve David and the Oh Boy! Oberto. Steve did run a 160.111 lap, but not good enough to better his run on Friday.

The Go3 Racing Team used Friday to test a new lot of allison v-12s, only completing one lap at race speed, qualifying for the Columbia Cup with a 154.870. Saturday morning Jimmy King increased that speed considerably to a 2nd best 162.074. Seems Ed Cooper may have finally tuned that piston powered Go3 team and is race ready. Ed said, "When she's good, she's really good."

Jeff Bernard took the U-5 out and slightly increased their speed to 157.172 after fighting two N2 violations on Friday.