VIDEO: KNDU's Scott Reister previews the action

VIDEO: Steve David, U-6 driver

VIDEO: U-3's Jimmy King

VIDEO: UL-15 sets new speed record

Owner/Driver Jerry Hopp tells about the speed record Greg Hopp set in the UL-15 and what its like to race against each other.

VIDEO: U-48 driver David Williams

VIDEO: Kip Brown gets his first ride in the U-17

VIDEO: Jeff Bernard on N2 Violations, Radio Communications

The U-5 boat has been having some problems with the N2 light, so the crew put masking tape over the warning lights so driver Jeff Bernard wouldn't be distracted. He had violations on two runs today - and they've had more than a few this year - but Bernard said they've never had one in a heat this season.

How loud is it in the cockpit?

These boats are LOUD. But the noise is pointed towards the back, away from the driver. So it's not so bad in the cockpit.

"It's like having a blow driver behind your head," said Jeff Bernard, driver of the U-5

VIDEO: From Hydro Sponsor to Hydro Owner

VIDEO: Pit Tour entrepreneurs

You can't go in the pits with open-toed shoes. But lots of people try every year.

Leave it up to The Walden family, a family of entrepreneurs, to come up with a solution. They rent shoes to people who need it.

Every year they've tried to find ways to help people wearing sandals go in the hot pits. Laci Walden says, "[Last year] we were duct taping people's feet. We were loaning out our shoes, so we just decided, why not? Why not rent shoes?"

VIDEO: Dash for Cash

Steve David and U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison win the Dash for Cash.

Dash for Cash- Final

1. U-6
2. U-13
3. U-50
4. U-17


Just scratched from Dash for Cash.

U-100 just arrived in pits. Waiting on U-25 to make it to Tri Cities. According to Dr. Ken, "They're on the way".

A few notes

Last run for JMK at 159.656 was not allowed. N2 violation.

Dash for Cash will be a flag start with assigned lanes.
Lane 1...U-6
Lane 2...U-50
Lane 3...U-3
Lane 4...U-13
Lane 5...U-17

U-48 scratched and the U-17 took that spot. Kip Brown needs 13 laps to qualify as a driver, and they will count towards that. Kip will be the pace boat from lane 5 and it will be a flag start.

ABRA announces sponsorship with Oakley Sunglasses

ABRA is proud to announce Oakley sunglasses as a sponsor of the 2008 ABRA Hydroplane Racing Series.

"Their presence in NASCAR, NHRA, Indy Car, PGA and the X-Games and now with the fastest boats on the water shows how many audiences their products reach," said Sam Cole, ABRA Chairman.

More Speeds

U-13....159.656 (JMK driving)

U100 is arriving now.

U-5 Round 3

Lap 1----155.566

Lap 2----156.268

Lap 3----1

U-3 made a short run. No trouble. Testing. Taking a reading.

U-13 Round 3

Cal Phipps testing the U-13 Graham Trucking. Owner Dave Bartush says Cal could possibly be the driver of the U-2, Bartush's backup, if they decide to make that a full time ride. No plans now, just something that could happen in the future according Dave B. Cal and Dave very happy with the lap.

1st lap.....151.349

U-10 Round 3

Lap 1.......154.442
Lap 2.......155.539

Elam still in water at dock with cowling off. Not sure if there is a problem or just routine stuff.


At 4:00 PDT, this Blog will go dark for about 10 minutes. Google will take the site down for maintainence. We'll be here once we get access again.


U-1 went out and tested an engine with a 146 lap.

U-10 David Bryant in cockpit with Matt Gregory preparing him to go out soon.

Dash for Cash Lineup

U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto
U-3 Hoss Mortgage Investors Too
U-13 Graham Trucking
U-48 Lakeridge Paving
U-50 Miss Albert Lee

Scheduled for 5:05 PST

Round 3 Speeds


Word from pits is possible that Cal Phipps may get a chance to test the U-13 this weekend.

The U-7 just pulled into the pits. Still waiting on the U-100. On its way according to Greg Hopp after repairs that occured in Madison.

U-48 out on the course now.

Qualifying Speeds Through 2 Rounds

1. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto----161.492
2. U-1 Miss Elam Plus----161.085
3. U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors----160.054
4. U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing---159.145
5. U-3 Hoss Mortgage Investors Too----154.870
6. U-17 Our Gang Racing (Nate Brown driving)----149.437 **
7. U-50 Miss Albert Lee----147.545
8. U-48 Albert Lee presents Lakridge Paving----136.663
9. U-13 Graham Trucking----N2
10. U-5
11. U-7 attempts
12. U-25 Miss Procraft Windows---no attempts
13. U-100 attempts

** Kip Brown will drive in race. Needs 15 laps and 10 over 130mph to qualify as an unlimited driver. Through morning sessions has two laps complete, with one at 133. Two down, 13 to go.

John Lynch says Terry Troxell will be driving the UL-8 Numerica Unlimited light.

U6 leads qualifying 160.625
U10 160.054

U-48 Round 2

Lap 1-----136.663

Ran 1 lap.

Course is now closed!

U-10 Round 2

Lap 1----152.477
Lap 2----154.
Lap 3----155.
Lap 4----154.

U-48 backon course changing the "Boost Pump" that apparently failed on the 1st try in Round 2. U-48 looks to be last boat on course.

U-6 Round 2

Lap 1-----159.855
Lap 2-----160.339
Lap 3-----161.492*

Pending N2 check

U-1 Round 2

Lap 1----161.085*
Lap 2----timing run

* pending N2 check

U-48 Round 2

Lap 1-----Didn't complete a lap. Made it to apex of turn 1 and went dead. Towed back in and U-1 now on course.

U-5 Run

Last run by U-5 was an N2 violation. Jeff Bernard has yet to qualify with 2 N2 violation today.

U-17 Round 2

Lap 1----118.
Lap 2----133.319

Kip Brown need laps this weekend to qualify as an unlimited driver. 15 total laps and 10 laps over 130 MPH.

Listening to KONA radio for this blog from Owensboro,KY. If my math is correct, Kip needs 13 more laps and 9 over 130 mph to qualify as an U driver.

U-10 Round 2

Lap 1-----151.
Lap 2-----152.632
Lap 3-----154.416

U-6 Round 2

Lap 1----158.194
Lap 2----157.889
Lap 3----157.944

U-6 Round 1 best speed was 160.086

U-3 Round 2

Lap 1-----154.870

Jimmy King made one lap and brought it back to the pits.

U-5 had a N2 violation in Round 1 qualifying a 160 + lap. Correction made on round 2 attempt.

U-5 Round 2

Lap 1-----155.001
Lap 2-----157.199
Lap 3-----158.783

U-7 backup hull still in Seattle putting on finishing touches as of this writing (1:42 CST) , but on the road to Tri Cities soon. Doubtful if they'll make the water Friday, but will make all attempts to test.

U-13 Qualifying run

The 161.550 was disallowed by an N2 violation. The 159.957 was good.

U-37 Round 2

Lap 1-----156.404
Lap 2-----158.839
Lap 3-----159.149
Lap 4-----timing runs

U-50 Round 2

Lap 1----144.601
Lap 3----147.449
Lap 4----147.036

Round 1 speed---147.545

U-1 Round 2 Qualify

Lap 1----150.235
Rest were test laps

Round 1 speed---157.337

U-13 Round 2 Qualify

Lap 1---159.957
Lap3---140 +

Pending N2 check

U50 is in the pits