Live TV, Video and Radio streams for weekend

TV: If you're in Yakima or Tri-Cities, you can watch the LIVE TV COVERAGE on KNDO-TV or KNDU-TV.

ON-LINE: will be streaming the 2008 Lamb Weston Columbia Cup races LIVE online. On the times we're not on, you can catch audio streaming on KONA Radio.

Friday, July 25th, 2008

LIVE on KNDO-TV (Yakima) and KNDU-TV (Tri-Cities)

5:00pm - Catch the Dale Thomas HVAC Unlimited Dash For Cash
6:00pm - Unlimited Lights Racing
6:30pm - Columbia Cup Hydroplane Boat Races Preview Show


Live Audio Streaming (KONA Radio)

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

LIVE on KNDO-TV (Yakima) and KNDU-TV(Tri-Cities)

10:00am to 5:00pm - 7 HOURS of Hydro racing coverage LIVE ONLINE and on KNDO and KNDU TV. Stories about the drivers, the boats, about Water Follies, and of course, all the Unlimited Hydroplane Heats will be covered.

Our coverage won't end until one racing team takes home the Columbia Cup trophy!

VIDEO: U-6 hauler and boat crew get some strange looks

VIDEO: It's Hydro Weekend in Tri-Cities!

VIDEO: Ed Cooper goes cross country in the U-3

VIDEO: Mark Evans is back in Hydro Racing

"I'm gonna do some brodies..." said Mark Evans.

Hydroplane racing in the news

Hydro boss thrilled about parity in early going >>

Dave Villwock and the National Champion Miss Elam Plus to make debut at Tri-Cities >>

Unlimited Lights Are Back For 2008 Races >>

VIDEO: U-3 takes a long drive to get to Tri-Cities >>

PHOTO: U-3 piston engines and Pinky

Pinky the Flamingo is back in the Tri-Cities in the U-3 trailer.

PHOTO: U-3 is in the pits. Check out the front canard!

Thanks to Ed Cooper for adding the KNDU-TV and the Olympics logos to the canard and sponsons!

PHOTO: U50 Spirit of the Navy has co-sponsors

Here's the boat with the additional sponsor logos added.

PHOTO: Dave Villwock and U-16 ready to go

The Miss Elam is ready to make its 2008 debut. Dave Villwock is the defending Columbia Cup champion.

Spokane Sports TV has arrived

The 55-foot network sports production truck that will be the hub of operations for live racing coverage has arrived. KNDU-TV, KNDO-TV and KHQ-TV crews were busy installing the 8 cameras, miles of cables, remote and wireless pickups throughout the 3.5 miles in Columbia Park Thursday.

Mark Allen and Steve Montgomery will anchor the play-by-play from a stage next to the judge's stand (known as The Barge in Tri-Cities).

A second stage area and mobile production truck is parked adjacent to the pits.


Watch on TV on KNDO-TV (Yakima, WA) or KNDU-TV (Tri-Cities, WA) or Streaming on-line at


  • 5pm - Unlimited Dash for Cash
  • 6pm - Unlimited Lights exhibition race
  • 630pm - Columbia Cup Preview Show

  • 10am-5pm Unlimited Hydroplane races

    Live coverage will include all the heats, plus taped heats from Saturday

VIDEO: Hydro TV Coverage production meeting

PHOTO: U-13 pulls into Columbia Park

The U-13 has arrived in Tri-Cities

PHOTO: U-10 has arrived in the Lampson pits

U10 is arriving now.

PHOTO: U-5 pictures in the Tri-Cities

Assembling the tails

Go3 Racing pictures at Tri Cities

The Go3 Racing Team was the first in the pits after Ed Cooper travelled across country and arrived Wednesday in the Tri Cities. For pictures of the Hoss Mortgage Investors Too, click the wesbite.

PHOTO: U-6 has arrived

The crew is putting the boat together for the weekend.