Hydroplane racing at Mariner's games

"People watch the Jumbo Tron hydroplane races as though it's the final lap of the Chevrolet cup at Seafair. I know it's fun for the kids and all, but to watch a grown-up screaming "RED, RED, RED" at the top of their lungs - - well, that's just mind-boggling. "

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The Mariners have also given out Ichiro hydroplanes at the ballpark... which gives me an excuse to direct you to the video below, which always cracks me. Not sure why. This is why cell phone cameras were invited, I think!

VIDEO: Special needs areas at Tri-Cities race sites

VIDEO: Lamb Weston back as main sponsor at Tri-Cities Water Follies

I apologize in advance for the "older boat" video - someone pulled file tape instead of using our video form last year!

VIDEO: Traffic and Travel in Tri-Cities for races

Porter's team finding formula for success

Ted Porter, FormulaBoats.com team owner: "We sent the T5 (U-7) out west to Seattle to get it repaired," said Porter in a teleconference. "We hope for it to get done in time for San Diego. The backup boat we bought from Kim Gregory is in Seattle getting fixed up for Tri-Cities. And the U-5 is on the way to the Tri-Cities."

Porter's team finding right formula for success >>

Oberto, FormulaBoats sit at head of class

It's unlikely that any Unlimited hydroplane season has gotten under way quite like this one. Between controversies surrounding rules changes, speculation on possible exhibition races overseas, and the equivalent of one full race being washed out, there has been plenty of news to keep the internet message boards hopping.

'A' For Effort: Oh Boy! Oberto, Formulaboats.com sit at head of the class as ABRA’s second half gets under way >>

Go 3 Racing Issues Statement Concerning U-7 Flip In Detroit

Our team feels very badly for the Formulaboats.com team, for Mike Allen's injuries and the damage caused by the U-7's crash in Heat 3A of the 2008 Chrysler Jeep Gold Cup.

After reviewing all the data and evidence from still photos, video, in-cockpit cam, and GPS mapping from our computer, we believe that we were in our lane -- lane three -- the entire time during the blowover (lane one = 30' lane, lane two = 25', lane three = 25'; lane three starts 55' from the buoy). We want everyone to know we would never make a move to blow someone over.
At the same time, if our Go 3 Racing hydro has any chance of winning with this starting format, it's by holding boats inside of us in their lanes. In this case, we believe we legally held the two inside boats in their lanes. (Our scaling measurements showed us at more than 65' from the buoy in the shots we were shown.) From our review, we believe there was more movement from the lane-one boat than from us, and the lane-one boat lacked the overlap sufficient to move over toward the outside boats, U-7 and our hydro.

The officials disqualified us, making it appear that we caused the accident. We believe the officials saw U-7 flip in our roostertail and blamed us. After intensive review, we believe that was not the case and that the call should have been reversed.

Rick Bowles
Go 3 Racing / Cooper Motorsports

For more information visit www.go3racing.com

Go3 Racing Team Website

The Go3 Racing team launched their brand new website at this year's Gold Cup. The site offers great images of Jimmy King driving "The World's Fastest Piston Powered Unlimited Hydroplane" take by top hydro photographers, videos, stats, newsletters of breaking Go3 news and much more! Visit the Go3 Racing Team here.