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Villwock Resumes Chase for All-Time Record

The 1972 South Kitsap grad has won the last four races on the Columbia River and I’m sure there’s kinks to be worked out, but don’t be surprised if he makes it five in a row this weekend. From his days with (Chip) Hanauer and the Miss Circus Circus to the Pico American Dream to the Budweiser and now Elam Plus, Villwock’s always seems to be the guy everybody’s chasing.

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Ellstrom reps travel to Norway, Egypt, Dubai, Romania

Erick Ellstrom: "We've been to Moscow. I had another guy in Norway. We'll be in Egypt, then back in Dubai. We're going to Romania next week." Whether it's Ellstrom himself or an Ellstrom representative, someone is following the racing circuit in both Europe and the Middle East, meeting with race site people and potential sponsors to see if unlimited hydroplane racing could work there. And the situation is being attacked on three fronts -- the Ellstroms, another outside company and the American Boat Racing Association.

PHOTO: Unlimiteds.Net - The Elam team @ the 2007 ABRA Awards Ceremony

Change in officials for Tri-Cities

We hear Mike Noonan will be the Chief Referee for ABRA starting in the Tri-Cities. Jim Codling will be handling other duties.