Heats 2A and 2B photos

PHOTOS - Jim Simpson

Close racing all day long

Second flight of heats. PHOTOS - James Crisp

Jeff Bernard: "Unbelievable"

"Unbelievable," said (U-5's Jeff) Bernard, who has the most points (800) after one day of racing with his two wins. "That is the second time we have had the points' lead going into the second day and that gives us a good head start."

Detroit: Saturday summary >>

PHOTO - Jim Simpson

U3 Cockpit Camera from Heats 1B and 2A

See in camera footage of the Miss Chrysler Jeep running in heats 1B and 2A of the 100th Annual Gold Cup.  Click here for the link.  Also Ben is working hard to get video hilights from today's action up and look for our multicamera videos on the Hydroinsider site and ABRA site Tuesday.

Allen returns to Gold Cup

Allen returns to Gold Cup race that sank his 2007 season >>

Heat Draws for Sunday

Heat 3A---U-3, U-7, U-13, U-25, U-37

Heat 3B--- U-5, U-10, U-50, U-6

Heat 2B Results

Heat 2B Results

  1. U-5 FormulaBoats.com - Jeff Bernard
  2. U-13 Miss DYC - J. Michael Kelly
  3. U-10 Dover Environmental - David Bryant
  4. U-25 Jarvis Fire and Water Repair - Ken Muscatel *
    * One lap penalty for bearing out

Heat 2B

Just learned that U25 was given a one lap penalty for veering out on the 10. So the order was the 5, 13, 10 and the 25

Heat 2B

This heat included the U13, U5, U25 and the U10. The tie up between the U13 and the U5 produced yet another fantastic heat of racing for the rain soaked fans in Detroit.

Two five minute holds to reset buoys on the course caused some anxious times as the camps were ready to run.

Lanes from inside out are the 5, 13 and the 25 as the 10 went dead and restarted to take lane 4. The 13 and 5 dueled hard as they hung it all out and gave another fine race for the fans. Lap 2 saw the 5 and 13 still tied up.

JMK pushed the 5 all the way not giving up. Third lap saw them tied up even still. They were running deck to deck as they came through the rootertail turn.

Again Kelly pushed the 5 as he crossed the finish line it was the 5, 13, 25 the 10 was struggling as he crossed in fourth.

Photos by James Crisp

PHOTOS - James Crisp

More Heat 1A, 1B Photos

PHOTOS - Jim Simpson

Heat 1A and 1B Photos

PHOTOS - Jim Simpson

Heat 2A Results

Heat 2A

  1. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison - Steve David
  2. U-37 Beacon Plumbing - Jean Theoret
  3. U-3 Chyrsler Jeep - Jimmy King
  4. U-7 FormulaBoats.com - Mike Allen
  5. U-50 Spirit of Detroit - Brian Perkins

Heat 2A

One of the fastest heat of the day is the best way to describe heat 2a. The 6, 37, 3 ,50 and the 7 all gave the fans on the Detroit River a heck of a heat.

Scoring up was as interesting as the heat itself as a game of cat and mouse was being played out. Lane from inside to out was 6,37, 5 3 and the 50. All boats were legal as the hammered into the lower turn. Running deck to deck David and Theoret painted the buoys as the came into the Roostertail turn.

Side by side in lap 2 flying hard as they come into the turn again Jimmy King right on their hip.the 5 seems to be having engine trpuble. Lap 3 the Oberto spread it out as David had a five boat lead.

Theoret gave David all he could handle. First to the Oberto, second to Beacon third to Chrysler Jeep fourth to formulaboats.com the Navy DNF

Heat 1A

The results of Heat 1A are now OFFICIAL.

Heat Draws

Heat 2A--- U-3, U-6, U-7, U-37, U-50

Heat 2B--- U-5, U-10, U-13, U-25

Live video feed


* If you can't get it to work, try upgrading your Windows Media Player to version 11.

Heat 1B Results

Heat 1B Results

  1. U-5 FormulaBoats.com - Jeff Bernard
  2. U-10 Dover Environmental - David Bryant
  3. U-7 FormulaBoats.com - Mike Allen
  4. U-3 Chrysler Jeep - Jimmy King

Heat 1B

Both formulaboats.com entries along with the U10 and the piston boat. Bernard is screaming through the first turn as team mate Mike Allen and David Bryant and Jimmy King all screaming behind.

First lap Bernard stretches it out to a three boat lead. Bryant second and pushing Bernard hard Jimmy King pressuring Allen hard.

Bernard wins 1B as second to the U10 third to Allen and Jimmy King fourth.

Heat 1A Results

Heat 1A Results

  1. U-37 Beacon Plumbing - Jean Theoret
  2. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison - Steve David
  3. U-13 Miss DYC - J. Michael Kelly
  4. U-25 Jarvis Water and Fire Repair - Ken Muscatel
  5. U-50 Spirit of the Navy - Brian Perkins

Live streaming

Try WORX. http://www.worxradio.com/worx.pls

Heat 1A

Another five minute delay to reset the course and we get to go boat racing.

The U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing got their gearbox issue taken care of. The U13 Dick Scott presents Miss DYC is ready. J Michael Kelly is strapped in his boat. Brian Perkins is waiting in his boat as is Steve David.

Dr Ken Muscatel is being strapped in the Miss Jarvis boat. Steve David and Brian Perkins are the first two boats out. Followed by JMK and Jean Theoret and Dr Ken.

Through the roostertail turn the 6,25 and 13 come looking very strong. The 37 is laboring a little as he makes his way. Oberto is compressor stalling a little as he makes his way down the straightaway.

Lane draws fall out this way, 37, 6, 25,13 and outside the 50. Clean start for all boats as Theort takes them through the first turn. 37 first 6 second 13 third 25 fourth and 50 last. Theoret is now about 8 boat lengths ahead. Oberto is now 2 roostertails in front of the filed. 6 second 13 third. 25 fourth and 50 coming in fifth. Beacon wins!

Update from the pits.- Boats on the water

The U5 formulaboats.com driven by Jeff Bernard is on the course. Bernard from Kent WA is screaming up the Belle Isle side of the course. The boat is looking extremely smooth as water conditions is unusually smooth for the Detroit River. The left side of the boat is lifting a little as he comes through the tight roostertail turn. Bernard is returning to the pits as his team mate

Mike Allen is waiting in the wings. The U13 is now trailer firing.

The U10 is now taking to rhe course as David Bryant from Mesa AZ is testing again. Bryant gets a little light as he comes around the turn here by the pits. His speed 154.336mph. Tight speed on his second lap 154.220mph.

PHOTOS: U25, U13, U50, U37

Photos by James Crisp

Heat Times

Heat 1A at 12:55 pm start

Heat 1B at 1:20 pm start

Radar shows lots of green

That means more rain.

More weather details >>

Heat Draws

Heat 1A

Heat 1B

Saturday Media Roundup

Here's what's making "hydro news" across the country...

DETROIT 2008: Fast qualifying times for Unlimited Hydroplanes >>

"We use Jet-A fuel for the turbine boats, the same fuel airplanes use. It cost $5.80 a gallon at Madison and $5.40 at Evansville. It cost $3 a gallon two or three years ago. (Jim LaBrie, U-50 crew chief)"
Drivers say soaring fuel costs are a major concern >>

"The parity is unbelievable. It used to be who was running for second behind Budweiser or a two-boat race. Now, there are six or seven guys who have a chance. It's a lot more fun for the drivers and it has to be for the fans, too. (Steve David, U-6 driver)"
Pair of racers looking forward to tasting victory >>

"We ended on top once again and we were good and consistent all day," said the 54-year old (Steve) David. "I'm just looking forward to getting this boat into the final and then just let it loose. Let's face it," David added. "That's when it really counts."
Detroit Qualifying Summary >>

"I'm ambivalent about that idea," (Steve) David said (about the idea of racing overseas). "Hardly any of these teams can afford to send full crews over there. Some teams can hardly get to races in the U.S. And even if you did get a circuit started, suppose people quit their jobs to become full-time racing crews, and then the circuit folds after one year. Would you want to come back here and find a similar job in this economy?"
Top qualifier David speeds past 160 m.p.h >>

“I grew up around Detroit until 10 years ago, when we moved to Washington,” he (Jeff Bernard) continued. “This is the biggest race I’ll ever be at.”
Kent’s Bernard savoring first win >>

"The boat setup was awesome, even with the rough river, but with five other boats seconds away it is really going to be tough keeping on top of the leaderboard," (Steve) David said. "Again, for the third weekend in a row the Oh Boy! Oberto is the boat being chased."
Oberto top qualifier at Detroit >>

Still raining

Passing the time, waiting the rain out, we all are finding ways to stay dry. Huddled under the media tower, editing photos and passing out one particular product are what some of us doing this morning.

VIDEO: U-50, U-3, U-37, U-6, Vintage

Gold Cup videos from qualifying runs...

U-50 Spirit of the Navy >>

U-3 Chrysler Jeep >>

U-37 Beacon Plumbing >>

U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison >>

Vintage U-16 >>

U-50 engine test >>

Hold at Gold Cup

The ABRA just announced we are on a indefinite hold because of the rain. The forecast doesn't look good for the remainder of the day. Stay tuned and we'll let you know what happens from the pits at the Gold Cup.

Rain, rain go away.....

Rain currently in Detroit. Boo! Coming down in buckets now and we're all huddled under tents, trailers and trucks.

Weather Changes everything

As reported earlier, the weather is changing the races here in Detroit. ABRA has moved up heat 1B and flipped flopped it with 1A. 1B will be ran at about 11:10am EDT while 1A will be ran at its regular time of 11:50am EDT. The U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing is still under repair.

U37 Damage

The U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing is having gearbox troubles again. After a run this morning on the river, when returning to the pits there was oil all over the inside of the engine area. I'll have more as info becomes available.

Weather to play into todays schedule

The weather for the local Detroit area is going to play a big factor in todays schedule. There is a cold front moving in from the west and there is a slight chance for severe weather here in the Detroit area for later on this afternoon. There is a possibility that racing may be moved up 1/2 hour do to this. I will let you know if I find out anything.

U 13 and U50 Runs

J Michael Kelly and Brian Perkins took their Unlimited Hydroplanes out on the Detroit River for testing and qualifying this morning. Kelly needed to run several laps to get the U13 Dick Scott presents Miss DYC into the race for the Gold Cup Sunday. Kelly was very happy with the boat ride as he stated that it felt like he was running 120mph. He did however run several laps of 142 and 148.

Brian Perkins and his U50 Spirit of the Navy took to the water also. Perkins, who is actually a rookie to this course, has been told he will be running on the outside. He made several laps on the outside lane which took him very close to the retaining wall giving fans in the Commodore seats an up close and personal look at this beautiful hydro.

Saturday Morning Gold Cup Report

Good morning from the Detroit Gold Cup. Several teams have elected to test this morning, one of them just completed a rebuild. The Dick Scott presents the Miss Detroit Yacht Club made it to the water and ran a test lap.

Driver J Michael Kelly made the statement to me to me that he just went 80mph, about the speed the metro Detroit drivers do on the interstates around here, to test the systems out and basically see if things were right.

The U10 also went out for some test runs. I will blog more from the docks in a few.