Video of Miss Chrysler Jeep's Qualifying Run

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Friday Gold Cup Video

Friday at the Gold Cup Video

VIDEO: Qualifying runs at Detroit

Pickle Forks

Quick quiz: What's a pickle fork?

The Detroit Free Press published a graphic of the U-3 Chrysler Jeep detailing the parts, including the mysterious pickle forks.

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Miss Chrysler Jeep Qualifies at 156.156

After running into some turbocharger problems, the Miss Chrysler Jeep came out swinging in the final qualifying period for Friday. Driver Jimmy King started the run off easy and made sure everything was in working order, then he opened up the V-12 turbocharged Allison engine and posted a two lap qualifying speed of 156.156. Lap two was his fast lap when the "Turbinator" cruised around the 2.5 mile course at an average speed of 158.111

U13 Update

With just about 20 minutes until the end of today's testing the U13 Dick Scott presents Miss Detroit Yacht Club team ran into a snag. While trailer firing the motor, the team noticed a leak in the engine compartment and had to shut down the motor before damage occurred. J Michael Kelly is waiting anxiously for the team to change out the motor and give him time to test his craft after a two week rebuild. More on this story as it unfolds.

Evening test

The U3 Miss Chrysler Jeep is now on the course. Jimmy King is taking the only piston powered hydro through its paces. This is the first time this afternoon that the boat has been on the water. Coming up the backstretch King powers through the Roostertail turn. His speed that lap 158.111. So King has the Ed Cooper boat in the show. At this moment we have yet to see J Michael Kelly and the U13 Dick Scott presents Miss DYC. The team is huddled over the boat preparing to trailer fire that craft. Ken Muscatel is on the course taking the Miss Jarvis through some practice laps. Coming through the turn Dr Kens boat looks really smooth. Obviously the crew has been working on getting more power out of the engine and a smoother ride for this boat. His speed 148.2 and 148.7mph. On his second lap Ken lost his cowling. The two entries are at the dock. As is the U10 Dover entry.

U-37, U-6 testing

PHOTOS - Jim Simpson

U-25, U-10 test

PHOTOS - Jim Simpson

U-25, U-7, U-50 test photos

PHOTOS - Jim Simpson

U-3 Turbo Problems

The U-3 is having turbo problems and have been switching them out.

PHOTOS - Mike Fetscher

Round 2 speeds

U-6 Oberto 159.888

U-37 Beacon Plumbing 159.150

U-10 Dover Environmental 156.465

U-7 155.218

U-50 Navy 138.125 (Perkins driving)

U-5 no time N2

U-3 Chrysler Jeep 3 times out, turbo charger problems all 3 attempts

U-13 Miss DYC

Morning session

Not much going on this morning. The rain has moved out of the area. Oh Boy! Oberto went out and did a 154plus while the did just a tick slower at 153.333. More to come.

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The and the Oh Boy! Oberto have ran some testing laps. The Oberto has ran consistantly in the 159mph range. At this moment the Chysler Jeep is running. Unfortunately he is not making a full lap as he came back in. The Allison engine made an unusual sound as he came up the backstretch.

Lots of news in the Friday morning media roundup

Lots of articles to peruse!

"The sport is not losing because Villwock is not there. On the contrary, because of the parity, you have four or five race teams that can win the Gold Cup. (Jean Theoret)"
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"According to Mark Weber, director of operations for this weekend's event on the Detroit River, ticket sales are soaring, thanks, in part, to the depressed economy. With families deciding fuel prices are too steep to make long-distance trips, the quick trek to the city to watch hydroplane racing makes sense. "
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"This river separates the men from the boys," he (Mark Weber) said Wednesday."It's a driver's race course with a large turn and a small turn. Driving strategy is what's going to win this race."
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Miss U.S. 1 will be one of 40 vintage boats at this year's Gold Cup races. "It's the fastest-growing category we have," said Tom Bertolini, president of the Detroit River Regatta Association. "It's taken on the popularity of classic cars. People love these boats because they're the true classics, made out of wood, not fiberglass."
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'It’s the biggest race that I’ll ever race at. I grew up here,' said (Jeff) Bernard. 'There’s no race on the circuit that would mean more to go out and win. "
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"This is like Formula One racing where each team is just seconds apart. But they race on a flat (asphalt) course that never changes and we race on a course where the water moves the surface each and every lap."So for us, to be just seconds apart is amazing. (Jean Theoret)"
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"Sports and business converge this weekend for a Fraser firm that is banking on a billboard that will travel 150 mph and make lots of noise."
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U-37, Gold Cup

PHOTOS - James Crisp

U-10, David Bryant

PHOTOS - James Crisp

Thursday testing on Lake Washington

Who is that in the reflection?

Thursday testing at Lake Washington
PHOTO: Mark Allen

Craig Barney photos at Detroit 2008 photos >>

U-13 arrives in Detroit Pits

More from Jim Simpson

Pictures from Jim Simpson

Schedule of Events

here is the run down of the schedule of events for the 100th running of the APBA Gold Cup in Detroit MI.


1pm - 4pm Unlimited testing and qualifying
5:30p - 6:30pm Unlimited testing and qualifying
6:25pm Drivers meeting


8am - 9am Unlimited testing and qualifying
12:05pm Unlimited Heat 1A
12:20pm Unlimited Heat 1B
4:10pm Unlimited Heat 2A
4:25pm Unlimited Heat 2B

Sundays events will be posted as we get them.

*U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing ran a two lap average of 156.726mph*

New U-3 website launched

The U-3 Cooper Motorsports has launched a website. is now running and will be updated all weekend long with information, videos, pictures and much more. It's now in it's early stages and will grow as the 2008 season progresses. Check back all weekend and all season long to follow the "World's Fastest Piston Powered Unlimited Hydroplane".

Friday Morning Gold Cup

Five boats made their way out onto the Detroit River race course as testing and qualifying started for the 100th annual running of the Chrysler Jeep Superstores APBA Gold Cup. Three posted speeds: The U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto recorded the morinngs best speed at 158.001. The U-10 Dover Environmental posted a 155.633 and the Beacon Plumbing went 153.692. The U-5 also made a run in the mid 150s, but no time eas recorded as the had a N2 voilation. The U-3 Miss Chrysler Jeep made an attempt this morning, not making a full lap. Ed Cooper tells us they were working a turbo charger problem, and hope to make a run this afternooon. The vintage boats are on the water now with the next unlimited test session beginning at 1pm and lasting until 4:00pm.