Miss Chrysler Jeep

After arriving this morning in the pits, the U3 Miss Chrysler Jeep was battling a few engine gremlins which kept them from getting out and testing before the course closed at 5:00PM EDT. The team plans to go out and run some laps tomorrow when the course opens and should be ready when the green flag falls for the Madison Regatta.

Above: Team members Eddie Cooper and Mike Hall take a break after working to get the U-3 Miss Chrysler Jeep ready to run.

Qualifying times through Saturday

  1. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison - Steve David
  2. U-37 Beacon Plumbing - Jean Theoret 153.888
  3. U-5 FormulaBoats.com - Jeff Bernard 153.335
  4. U-7 FormulaBoats.com - Mike Allen 151.780
  5. U-10 Ahern Rentals - David Bryant 147.984
  6. U-50 Spirit of the Navy - Brian Perkins 146.035
  7. U-100 Mirageboats.com - Greg Hopp 138.711
  8. U-25 Jarvis Water and Fire Repair - Ken Muscatel 135.941

    The U-3 Master Tire did not qualify, but can still run on Sunday with approval, called a "Commissioner's Option."

More info on qualifying times >>

ABRA Media Rep Bruce Madej in the Madison Regatta parade.

15 minutes

We have been told that there will be a drivers meeting here on the judges stand and we have been asked to leave the area. If Cooper elects to run right before 5pm I will try and get a speed for him and post is when I get home this evening.

U50 Spirit of the Navy

Brian Perkins takes the U50 Spirit of the Navy out on the course. Perkins trying a new setup to get more speed out of his craft. 40 minutes left in today's testing and qualifying. Across the start finish line for his run, boat is bobbing up and down a little as he makes his way up the Kentucky side. Coming down the front stretch and making his first lap speed of 143.266mph. Second lap speed 146.035mph his fastest this weekend so far. BP is evidently making a timing run now as he has slowed. We still have yet to see Ed Coopers U3 piston boat on the river. The team is working in the engine compartment.

U100 mirageboats.com

U100 mirageboats.com is being lowered into the water and is being pushed away from the docks. The U3 has passed on their first chance to run, Ed wanting to replace a motor before he makes a run.

The U10's laps this time areconsidered LEGAL! 152.814. That is the fastest lap that has not produced an N2.

Also, the U37 has blown a gearbox. No damage to the boat.

The U100 Mirageboats.com has had trouble with their GPS system as they attempt another run this afternoon. Greg Hopp is now closed in and he spools his Lycoming engine up. This motor was used in Chinook helicopters during the Vietnam war. They produce around 2700hp. The boat is compressor stalling as it makes its way past the strat finish line. He elects to return to the docks.

The U7 formulaboats.com now is sitting on the water and Mike Allen is preparing to make another qualifying run. Lee Hooten, team rep here on the judges tower has informed us. His first lap speed 145.070mph. His second lap speed 149.459mph. This boat was the high point champion in 2006. 148.155mph was his third lap speed.

U37 Beacon Plumbing

Internet problems plague us this weekend as we try to bring you the news from the race site. The flying French Canadian Jean Theoret takes Billy and Jane Shumacher's Miss Beacon Plumbing back out on the water for more testing as he tries to better his speed.

A lot of popping and cracking is coming out of the engine compartment as Theoret runs at slow speed. Picking up the power JT runs through the turns with ease as he screams up the backstretch. Now making his run at the start finish line his first lap speed is 148.743.

The U37 stops dead in the water in turn one and Jean opens the hatch. He took a bad hop as he exited the turn. The ABRA safety and rescue team is looking at the back of the boat and there is a report that he might have hurt an engine.

U10 Ahern Rentals

David Bryant is back out on the course and testing some setups. The Kim Gregory owned craft from Las Vegas NV wants to up his speed for tomorrows racing. His first lap speed checks in at 148.350mph. His second lap speed 149.038mph. Respectfully they are averaging around the 149mph mark. His third and final lap 152.814mph. If this speed is holds they will hold the fourth fastest qualifying speed for the weekend.

U6 Oh Boy! Oberto back on the water

Steve David is now back in his cockpit as he wants to take the water in this afternoons test session. David, the highest qualifier here this weekend, and his Mike Hanson, team manager, are testing some set-ups for the boat.

Beacon Plumbing is now being lowered into the water as well as the U10 Ahern Rentals is also waiting in the sidelines.

David is now cleared to enter the course and is being pushed away from the dock. The Oberto is now on the clock and is slamming into the lower turn and is now running back up the back stretch so that he can makes some timing runs. On his last lap David brings the Oberto close to the edge so that the folks on the shore can see him.

Steve David and the Media

Another N2

Mike Allen and his U7 formulaboats.com boat received yet another N2 violation this afternoon.

Media Attention

A busy day in the pits for hometown boat driver Steve David and Bob Hughes. Wes Woodward and the Fox 59 Indianapolis crew spent the day with the Oberto folks and will air a Sunday special featuring the Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison team.

U100 mirageboats.com

Greg Hopp and the U100 mirageboats.com is on the water. The boat, owned by Fred Leland, is already in the show, but the team wants to test some more. Hopp now is slowing doing some timing runs.

Ed Cooper earns his wings

Ed Cooper arrived in the pits this morning and one of the first things he did was grab a hold on one of Charlie Grooms' Ladder 51 Flame broiled Wings (Ladder51.com). It's all about the wings!

U7 formulaboats.com

The U7 had to shut down a few feet after some swimmers were in the water in Kentucky. Allen now is under way as he brings the U7 down the front stretch making turn 1 with ease. His first lap speed is 147.958mph. Second lap speed 149.785mph. Fastest for the weekend for the U7 formulaboats.com. His third lap speed, 150.135mph.

More Action

The U7 formulaboats.com is being lowered into the water as Mike Allen is being strapped into his capsule. The earlier run produced an N2 violation. One of many that occurred this morning.

Action on the water

Brian Perkins driver of the U50 Spirit of the Navy is being strapped in and he is preparing to try his run at the clock. Perkins, from Seattle, is in his rookie year as a driver in the unlimited ranks for the full circuit.

The boat is being pushed away from the dock and BP is throttling up the U50. Running up the backstretch as he is making sure things are good for the run. Brian is now giving it more power running down the front stretch. His first lap 136.477mph. The long straightaways and narrow turns are something new for this youngster. His second lap speed is 143.632. The U50 lost its cowling as he went under the bridge, he is not going to run another lap.

Just found out there was another N2 violation on the last u10 Ahern Rental.

Today's racing is brought to you by N2 Racing, where going fast is not what we are looking for.

The U25 driven by owner\driver Ken Muscatel is on the course and they are running a new set of wings as the team had to rebuild them after they damaged it in the Evansville race last weekend. His first lap 135.941mph. That makes him the eighth boat to qualify.

Madison - Sunday Heat Schedule

Sunday, July 6th

8:00am Drivers / Safety Meeting
9:00am - 10:00am Unlimited Hydroplane Testing
10:00am - 10:30am Opening Ceremonies

10:50am Clifty Engineering & Tool Company Unlimited Heat 1A
11:20am Morgan Foods Unlimited Heat 1B
11:50am Unlimited Heat 1C

1:15pm Gaylor Unlimited Heat 2A
1:45pm American Legion Post #9 Unlimited Heat 2B
2:15pm Unlimited Heat 2C

2:45pm Midwest Tube Mills Unlimited Heat 3A
3:15pm Unlimited Heat 3B
3:45pm Unlimited Heat 3C

4:30pm Madison Regatta Unlimited Final Heat Race for the Indiana Governor’s Cup
5:00pm Awards Presentation at the Judge’s Stand

Max & Jax show

Sample of the Max & Jax show from the Madison Regatta. It starts slowly, but if you stick with it you'll get to see a top-down shot of the boats in the pits and an interview with some of the RC Hydroplane racers.

Broadcast powered by Ustream.TV

More from Max & Jax >>

U10 Ahern Rentals

The U 10 Miss Ahern rental is on the water at this moment. David Bryant is taking to the course to test more this afternoon. The U50 Spirit of the Navy driven by the rookie Brian Perkins from Seattle, is hanging over the water right now; Bryant on his first lap turned 152.970. This team is wanting to up their speed this weekend as they are 4th in qualifying. His second lap speed was 153.128mph. His final lap speed is 154.416mph. This will be good if they pass the ABRA testing.

WORX Live streaming

The spotty internet connections in the pit area are hindering efforts for live video streaming (again).

WORX is, however, again streaming audio and doing their usual great job. Listen to WORX here >>

In addition, Max & Jax are back at Madison with their mix of interviews and commentary. While they're not directly on the race course and have limited sightlines of the course, it's interesting "hydro talk" none-the-less. Watch Max & Jax live video stream >>

N2 Violation explained

Some people have asked for an explanation about what is a N2 violation. In its simplest form, it's running at too fast an RPM for too long of a period of time. Both the timing and the duration are arbitrary, but the ABRA has set specific rules for maximum prop speed. If you exceed 110% of that speed for more than 5 seconds, you're in violation of the rule.

I found both the exact phrasing from the ABRA rulebook and an explanation on how tricky it can be from U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison drive Steve David. You can read both here >>

Activity in Madison

Several boats have been trailer firing after the lunch break. The US Coast Guard have cleared all barge traffic and the river has been turned back over to the unlimiteds. ABRA officials have given the green light and the course is open. Crane activity over the U25 as they are preparing to put a motor in, possibly getting ready for a turn on the river in this afternoons testing and qualifying. The sling is hanging over the U5 formulaboats.com. Beacon Plumbing also has crane activity over it as well.

Back on the Net Pictures from Morning by Kirk Duncan

Well lunch was good and I have a few pictures to send out to you.

Saturday Media Roundup

Oh! Boy Oberto leads hydro qualifying >>

Oberto sets early pace at 154.950 mph >>

Young Gun Perkins off to Top Gun start in Navy hydroplane >>

Parity a welcome addition at Madison >>

U7 formulaboats.com

Mike Allen from New Orleans, LA is now being strapped into Ted porters U7 boat. Allen will be making his first appearance this weekend on the river.

The Coast Guard has allowed us graciously to have the river a few more minutes so that the U7 team can make a run this morning. Allen now being pushed away from the dock as life comes to the engine compartment. Five boats officially qualified, Allen hoping to be the sixth.

Allen taking it slow up the backstretch no doubt making sure that everything looks good for the run at the clock. His first lap speed. 146.653mph. After installing a new strut on the boat yesterday. This was damage from Evansville a week earlier. River is now closed and oped to barge traffic.

We will be back after this break. I will post pictures from Kirk Duncan and Jim Simpson.

U5 formulaboats.com

Jeff Bernard is back on the water as the third fastest qualifier is now finishing his first lap. The speed is 152.348mph. Jeff taking a good lap as he takes the boat up the back stretch.

Taking it under the bridge and lining it up down the front stretch, lap two speed 154.019mph.

Second lap speed 154.257mph. Joking with the radio guy from the U5 he looks at the timers and laughs, "whos to blame?" LOL

U50 Spirit of the Navy

The U50 Spirit of the Navy is expected to be on the water today as the team are working on a gear box.

U10 Ahern Rentals

Just received a word that there was another N2 violation on the U10. So the speeds from his last section is null and void.

U100 mirageboats.com

The Fred Leland owned U100 mirageboats.com is now on the water as driver Greg Hopp, from Snowhomish, WA takes the red, white and blue boat onto the Bill Cantrell course. This boat finished third in the Dixie Choppers dash for cash.

Hopp now on the clock as he takes the boat through the lower turn. Hopp has raced here several years and is well aware of the conditions of this unusual race course. His first lap comes in at 135.143. So this allows Greg Hopp to be in the race for Sunday.

Hopp taking a second lap trying to pick the speed up. His second lap, 138.711mph.

U10 Ahern Rentals

For Spiders mom, the U10 Ahern rentals is now back on the water and getting ready to run a few practice runs as we have about 38 minutes left in this morning session.

David Bryant, driver for the U10 is strapped into the cockpit and being prepared to be pushed away from the docks. As he spools the Lycoming engine up and pops up on plane, Bryant is tooling well up the back stretch and really powering through the upper turn, he screams past the judges stand and hangs it on the hook.

Bryant's first lap speed, 151.474mph. Boat rides looks to be very smooth as he takes it up the Kentucky side on this 2.5 mile course. Bryant is currently 4th in qualifying. Lap two is 154.151mph. This jumps him into the second spot.

Third lap 155.296mph. This is a new unofficial top qualifying speed. If this stands up to the ABRA testing tech. This will bump the U6 Oberto into second place.

U 6 Oberto on the water again.

Steve David is now back on the water as he takes the Oberto up the back stretch. The water is glass-like-smooth as David crosses the start finish line and slams into the lower turn on this tight two and one half mile course.

The boat flashed a flame and is tooling around the course. David cutting the course and slowly cuts the infield and takes it past the pits. David is now taking a few timing runs as he is running about 70mph.

Jim Codling, the Chief Referee for the ABRA is asking for Steve to run a few laps to check the speeds for the officials.

The U100 is about to go into the water. The U25 is sporting a brand new wing as Dr Ken Muscatel, the owner and driver of the U25 is about to get wet also.

Photos from Kirk Duncan

U6 Oh Boy! Oberto back on the water

The community owned U6 Oh Boy! Oberto is now being lowered into the water. Steve David is no doubt wanting to try and hit that elusive 156mph mark this morning. You will remember that he did earlier today, however it was then erased due to an N2 violation.

U3 in Madison

The Ed Cooper Jr owned U3 Master Tire is now in town and will be in the pits momentarily.


Right now we are waiting for the Coast Guard to release the river back to us as we have had a couple of swimmers in the water on the Kentucky side. As you know there is no one allowed in the river while the boats are on the river.

U37 Picture

Thanks to Jim Simpson for picture.

Four for Four

We have had four boats go out on the course this morning and all four have received an N2 violation.

U37 Propeller

Just learned that the U37 Beacon Plumbing had a propeller failure. Luckily it did not let go just cracked.

Jerky Girls to print out.

Here is the Jerky Girls you can download and save.

U5 N2 violation

Just learned that the U5 formulaboats.com has had an N2 violation

N2 Violation for the U10 Ahern

Once again we have learned that the U10 Ahern Rentals has received an N2 violation.

Friday's Oberto Press Release.

Oh Boy! Oberto Leads Qualifying for Indiana Governor’s Cup
Places second in “Dash for Cash”

MADISON, Ind. (July 4, 2008) –After the first day of qualifying, Steve David, driver of the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto Beef Jerky leads the nine boat Unlimited Hydroplane field for this Sunday’s 57th Annual Indiana Governor’s Cup in historic Madison, Ind.
David, the top qualifier after day one, qualified 154.950 mph on the 2-1/2 mile Ohio River course. Last week he led qualifying for the first time in his 20 years an driving Unlimited Hydroplane.

“Lightning normally doesn’t strike twice but it looks like it does in our case,” David said after completion of today’s qualifying.

“Just like last weekend we have the bulls-eye on our back,” David said. “We have to up our speed tomorrow, the other guys are right on our heels.”

The hometown boat, owned by the 13,000 citizens of Madison, Ind. pleased the several thousand fans lining the shores of the Ohio River by logging over 15 laps, nearly double the rest of the field.

David said the team was trying several different setups including various propellers, rudders and aerodynamic packages in preparation for Sunday’s regatta. “I am getting used to several different set-ups including the kitchen sink,” David said.

“Our goal is to win this race this weekend and with today’s data we know what tools we need to accomplish that goal.”

In a late afternoon three lap Dixie Chopper Dash-for-Cash, Oh Boy! Oberto placed second in a photo finish with U-5 Formulaboats.com. When the official times were posted, the Oh Boy! Oberto was only .113 of a second behind the Formulaboats.com. Greg Hopp in the U-100 Mirageboats.com placed a distant third.

“This gives the fans an idea of what’s going to happen on Sunday,” David said after racing deck-to-deck with Jeff Bernard in the Dash-for-Cash.

Friday’s qualifying speed: 154.950 mph Oh Boy! Oberto/Steve David; 153.335 mph U-5 Formulaboats.com/Jeff Bernard; 153.888 mph U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing/Jean Theoret; 147.984 mph U-10 Ahern Rentals/David Bryant.

July 4-6 57th Annual Indiana Governor’s Cup Madison, Ind.
July 11-13 100th Annual Chrysler/Jeep Gold Cup Detroit, Mich.
July 25-27 Columbia Cup Kennewick, Wash.
Aug. 1-3 Chevrolet Cup Seattle, Wash.
Sept. 19-21 Boeing Thunderboat Regatta San Diego, Calf.

The city of Madison, Ind. became an owner of a hydroplane in 1961, when industrialist Samuel DuPont decided he would donate his hydroplane, named Nitrogen, to the City of Madison, Ind. When that boat was destroyed in an accident a year later, DuPont sold his second boat to the city for only $5,000.

Madison, Ind. has been in the hydroplane business ever since. A board of directors appointed by the city’s mayor administers the world’s only community-owned hydroplane and race team.
Miss Madison is the oldest name in the sport, having competed in 48 consecutive seasons.
The current boat, which has two victories was built in 2007 and is the 6th Madison, Ind. hydroplane.

Led by crew chief, Mike Hanson (Bonney Lake, Wash.), the boat is driven by two-time National Drivers Champion, Steve David from Lighthouse, Fla. This year marks David’s 20th year driving an Unlimited Hydroplane.

Oberto Sausage Company is Americas No. 1 favorite beef jerky. Based south of Seattle in Kent, Wash., the company produces five different brands of jerky and over 400 products available in stores throughout the country.

Founded 90 years ago in 1918 by Constantino Oberto, the company is privately owned by the Oberto family, employs over 700 people and operates four production facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

Oberto makes low in fat, high in protein jerky by taking strips of lean beef or turkey, seasoning them and slow-cooking them by smoking to create the healthy snack food.

Oberto also produces thin-style jerky, salami, pepperoni and refrigerated luncheon meats, as well.

U5 formulaboats.com Oberto N2 Violation

Winner of the Dixie Choppers dash for cash last night, the U5 driven by Jeff Bernard takes the red colors of Ted Porters formulaboats.com onto the Ohio River to see if they can increase their speed this morning.

Bernard, taking a fast lap up the backstretch taking it close to the pins as he comes in on his first lap at 151.834mph. Slamming into the west turn here on the tight course and charging up the KY side of the river, his second lap speed, 154.495mph. Lap three 155.647mph fastest qualifier now.
Just got word the Oh Boy! Oberto had an N2 violation. Speed from this morning has been scratched.

U10 Ahern Rentals

The yellow and blue colors of the Kim Gregory owned Miss Ahearn Rentals is now on the course. David Bryant driving for the U10 team this year did a heck of a job in Evansville last weekend. Bryants first lap this morning is 150.335mph.

His first this weekend over the 150 mark this weekend. Several of the teams want to test this morning as the water is perfect. His second lap turns at a 151.911mph. Bryant cuts the course and heads back into the pit.

N2 Violation

The times for the U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing are null and void as we have been told that they had an N2 violation. The Oh Boy! Oberto is in good shape during their run.

Oberto now on the course.

The 13,000 owners of Madison, Indiana gave driver Steve David, driver of their hometown boat a rousing welcome last night as David was the grand marshal of the annual Regatta Festival parade. David from Lighthouse Point, Florida is taking the red white and green Oberto on the water for a ride on the river. His first lap checks in at 152.687mph. This is the only course on the ABRA circuit that races under a bridge. His second lap 154.788mph. His rooster tail is smooth as he takes it up the backstretch. His third lap on the clock checks in at 156.296mph. Oh Boy! Oberto is now back on top as fastest qualifier.

Race Course is Open! U37 on the Course.

Billy Schumacher's U37 Beacon Plumbing driven by Jean Theoret from Maple Grove, Quebec Canada is on the water and ready to go out for the first test session on the Wild Bill Cantrell Race Course.

Water conditions are perfect this morning, smooth as glass. His first lap was 155.108mph, this is now the fastest qualifier for the weekend thus far. Second lap 154.924pmh. Third lap 154.681mph.

Saturday Morning

Good morning from Madison, Indiana. The weather has cleared out as far as the rain is concerned. However we do have a light fog that is burning off this morning.

Several teams are awaiting for the course to open as the testing session of the morning is about to begin shortly. testing is scheduled from 9:30am local time until about 11:00am. Time trials are slated to begin at 11:00am until 12:00 noon.