Seven boats in Madison Pits

There are seven unlimited hydroplanes in the pits in Madison Thursday evening. Both boats, the U-5 and U-7 are ready to go. The U-6 Oh Boy!Oberto team made their way down the hill from the team shop and are now parked along side the Ohio River. The U-10 Ahern Rentals was the first boat parked Thursday afternoon. The U-25 Superior Racing team made their way from Evansville, still missing the rear wing assembly it lost in Evansville. Fred Leland's U-100 is parked next to the U-50 Spirit of the Navy. Only Ed Cooper's U-3 and the U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing have yet to make an apperance in the Madison pits. The U-37 was still on it's way to Madison, staying in Evansville making repairs sustained at Thunder on the Ohio. It should arrive sometime Thursday night and be ready to go early Friday morning. Still no official word on the status of the U-13 Graham Trucking. Word has it they will not make the race, too much damage to repair from Evansville.

Madison Pit Update

Just down in the pits around 5:30 local time Thursday.

Currently, the U-10 and teams are in the pits. The U-50, U-100, and U-25 are on Vaughn Street waiting transport into the pit area. The U-6 is still sitting outside the team shop on Milton Street.

Word is the U-37 folks are on their way into town. Haven't seen the U-3 team yet. The U-13 is probably a no show -- too much damage to repair in a week.

More from the pits Friday morning.

U-13 updates

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