Final Qualifying times from Friday

U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss MadisonSteve David153.429
U-37 Beacon PlumbingJean Theoret151.777
U-3 Master TireJimmy King151.044
U-10 Ahern RentalsDavid Bryant150.981
U-7 FormulaBoats.comMike Allen146.281
U-5 FormulaBoats.comJeff Bernard145.569
U-13 Graham TruckingJ. Michael Kelly144.837

Evansville Updates

Hey folks I want to apologize for the lack of information here in Evansville. We had so much trouble with the internet and it was difficult to get anything out. Hopefully after this nasty thunderstorm moves out of the area we will have smooth sailing for the days events tomorrow.

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Thanks Joe

Pictures from this afternoon by Jim Simpson

Afternoon Session and start of late session

U10 Miss Ahern Rentals with David Bryant. Some small hops on lap 1.
LAP 1: 140.586
LAP 2: 150.096
LAP 3: 150.981

1:02 PM
The rumble of a big allison just woke up the crowd as Jimmy King drove the U3 Ed Cooper's Master Tire out on the course.

Lap 1: 151.044
Lap 2: 139.819
Lap 3: 106

Looking at the speeds Parity is being shown in Evansville.

U5 Took the course at 1:10
Lap 1: 142.735
Lap 2: 146.281

U7 now on the course
Hit a hop in turn 2
Lap 1: 142.003
Lap 2: 145.569

U6 back on the course at 1:28 little bit of sponson walking
Lap 1: 150.823

2:48 PM U10 went out
Lap 1 143.334
Lap 2 149.566

Wind has picked up and some white caps on the river


No one is really ready to go out on the water. After David Bryants run Jim Coddling, the chief referee, sent the rescue boats out on to the course to check the course. They were making sure that the course is actually set correctly. It appears that the course was not and that the front straight, that actually has a dog leg just past the judge's stand may not have been set.

Internet is BACK!

Well the internet is now working here in Evansville. And we will have action on the water in just a few minutes. Spoke with J Michael Kelly of the U13, and will have a full write up this evening on their website at Action is set to take place again in just a few minutes!

U6 Tries a new skidfin

Talked with Larry Hanson of the crew and he showed me a new skid fin that the team is trying. He stated that the fin will be used on the Madison and Detroit courses. It is quite a bit larger and Larry stated that it is to help hold the boat in the turns better. The U3 Coopers is now out on the water and taking a few laps.

Pictures from Evansville morning session

12:45 U37 Speeds

U37 went out and took it slow checking all the systems once everything looked good he cranked it up. Boat was very smooth on the water, as the water is perfect.

Lap 1: 149.287
Lap 2: 151.263
Lap 3: 151.777

U3 is on the slings

12:34 PM U6 Speeds

Shorty after the course opened at 12:30 the U6 was on the course.
Lap 1 150.034
Lap 2 152.581
Lap 3 153.429

U37 getting ready to spool up

Evansville Morning Session

The weather is cooperating this year as the prediction of 90 degree temps has not came to fruition. We have been lucky and have dodged several rain storms that have gone to the north of us and to the south, cutting right smack down in the middle. We are cloudy and we are cool for the most part. I want to thank Bruce Madej for the use of his air card for internet connection as the storms that rolled through here yesterday took out the wireless here on the judges stand.

9 boats are in the pits here on the Evansville river front. The water is perfect for the afternoon test and qualifying session.

U7 Speeds

Sorry for the delay, had to get through the air show. The U7 went out and turned a few laps
Lap 1: 83.824
Lap 2: 145.569

Breeze continues to blow down the front stretch.

Plenty of coverage between ABRA and Hydroinsider. We will continue to update what is happening on the water and in the pits through the blog and for the official releases please visit

U6 Speeds

Lap 1: 143.420
Lap 2: 145.805
Lap 3: 150.190

Lap 4 Timing Run

Course is now open

Course a little choppy with a breeze coming down the front stretch.

U6 In the water

U6 has been lowered in the water, on the slings the 5.  The 13 has been set in the pits and 25 is close to being set.  The 25 also has a new paint scheme and we hope to have pictures soon

Course Scheduled to Open in 20 minutes

The call has just gone out to all rescue personnel to their crafts and to their positions on the course as plans are to open the course in 20 minutes.

Good Morning From Evansville

Just a quick update on things:
The U3 has made its way to its usual position in the upriver end of the pits.  The 13 and 25 is on Riverside Drive waiting to be set in the pits.  Drivers meeting is goiing on now and the U6 has done some trailer firing.  Its a little breezy today with showers and storms expected a little later in the afternoon.  River has some chop to it, but no white caps.

Internet connection is still being worked on.


"It puts a big responsibility on you, becoming the face of the sport," said (U-6 driver Steve) David, 54. "You've got to be cautious of that and make certain you speak well and represent the sport well. I'm the one they're looking at. A couple of kids, Jeff Bernard and Brian Perkins, were probably still in diapers or close to it when I first started racing."

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