An evening thunderstorm passes through the downtown riverfront Thursday.  Boats in the pits 5-6-7-10-37-50.  Curt Tavener says that the 13 is in route.  It was a good time in the pits as friends came together to see one another after a long winter.  It will be down to business tomorrow as the boats will take the course for qualifying and testing for Thunder on the Ohio 30.  We were not able to blog from the riverfront as it appears that the internet is down.  We could connect to the wireless routers but could not make an internet connection.  Keep your fingers crossed for things to get back on track tomorrow.

U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto / Miss Madison is first in the pits at Evansville. More Evansville Thursday photos from Jim Simpson.

1:48 Central Time Friday Update

Phone Message From Kirk Duncan
U-6 in the pits and the U-37 and U-50 up on Riverside Drive waiting to be put into the pits.
J. Micheal Kelly is in with the crew.  Boat is about 7-8 hours away from Evansville.  Cranes are set and ready.  More pictures will be sent a little later in the day.

"Imagine the Blue Angels — the flash of color, the high-speed swooping, the tremendous noise — but in a boat. That’s the effect Navy recruiting officials want to get from a new high-performance hydroplane boat, the Spirit of the Navy, which made its debut last month at a Seattle race for high-speed watercraft."

PHOTO: MC1 Stacy Young / Navy

Jim Simpson reports the U-100 is on the way to Evansville, so we should indeed have a 10 boat field.

“This is probably the best we’ve been prepared since we jumped in in 2006,” said Mike Allen, driver of the U-7 “Ted’s really stepped up to the plate and you’ve got the Formula plant (located in Decatur, Ind.) even more involved now with making spare parts, if you will, for every portion of the boat except for the main frames themselves."

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First photos from Evansville, from Jim Simpson...

Flipping at Thunder

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