U-1 driver Dave Villwock comments on the decision by Erick Ellstrom to keep the team home for the first three races.

"It's just how it is," he told the Seattle Times. More info >>


New U-6 Driver?

Madison's unofficial downtown website visited the Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison team shop and made an interesting discovery. Kudos to Bob Cline for snapping these pictures. See for yourself at Madison Came Running.

Docks are being set

If you wonder over the the Patriot Cam page, you can see that they are currently setting the docks in preparation for the 30th Thunder on the Ohio.  People have been wondering about how the flooding in Indiana has affected the Ohio River Race course.  I was at the riverfront this weekend and checking the water I seen very little debris and the current was fairly slow.  It would take a boat about 10 minutes or more to drift from the upper pits to the lower end of the pits.  The river was up with a fast current a couple of weeks ago, but when the Army Corps of Engineers seen what was on the way precipatation wise, they opened the dams below Evansville and the Wabash River to dump as much water out of the Ohio as they could to make room for the water that was to come down the Wabash.  The Ohio dropped about 15 feet in a little over a couple of days and is at its summer pool stage which is perfect for racing.

Painting the Town Yellow

It looks that the U37 and the U50 have made the trek across country to Evansville.