Madison Courier

Tuesday's edition of the Madison Courier talks about Elam's decision to skip the first 3 races, the wide open field of competitors and more. Read the article here.

Madison Courier

Master Tire on FOX 7

The Evansville FOX affiliate made the trip to Ed Cooper's shop on Monday. With the field wide open with the Elam not racing the eastern swing, Ed calls out one team that thinks they are the race favorite. Good stuff by Ed! Check it out here.

Ed Cooper on WFIE TV

WFIE TV 14 made their annual trek to Posey County to see the U-3 Master Tire team preparing for Thunder on the Ohio. Ed Cooper thinks the field is wide open this year. Check out the story here.

Patriot Cams At Evansville

Once again this year Onsite Computer Solutions has teamed up with a local television station to offer their "Patriot Cams" for viewing. Maybe more importantly to us is Onsite Computer solutions has provided the control tower with high speed internet. This will allow those working to get the information happenings from the pits and on the water to you.

Click here to view the Patriot Cams
Click here to visit Onsite Computer Solutions