Unlimiteds on Exhibit

ABRA Chairman Sam Cole said in Monday's media teleconference that two exhibtion races for the unlimiteds are in the works for the late summer and early fall. ABRA representatives have approached New Richmond, Ohio and Chattanooga, Tenneessee about hosting the big boats at their races this year.

Hoping to add one to two new events in 2009, Cole said he's working to get the 6 existing race sites healthy. He's not disappointed that only 6 races are on the ABRA circuit, wanting to "grow the sport conservatively". In the past 40 years, 45 different race venues have come and gone. Cole hopes to "grow the sport gradually" and "find proven race sites". The idea is to have exhibitions at these sites this year and hopefully add them to the ABRA schedule in the future, possibly in 2009.

The New Richmond (Ohio) on the Ohio Riverdays has Cardboard Boat Races. Racing is on the Ohio River August 15-17. New Richmond is up river from Madison, Indiana, about 90 miles to the east.

Chattanooga, Tennessee hosts the 4th annual "Chattanooga Offshore Powerboat Races" on the Chickamauga Lake and TVA Dam Reservation. This year they will conduct the 2008 U.S. Championship and Speed Runs for the Offshore Powerboats. Several classes will run: OPA Offshore Pro Series, AMF Offshore Racing and the Jersey Speed skiffs. The dates are October 9-12.

We'll have video of every heat and text updates from Evansville on HydroInsider and ABRA's website. Attempting live video stream, too.