A note from your editor... I am leaving KNDO and KNDU-TV at the end of this week to accept a new position as President of Cowles California Media.

Besides blogging about Hydroplane Racing, I've been working as the General Manager of KNDO/KNDU-TV in Yakima and Tri-Cities, WA and VP of Technology for KHQ, Inc. (Parent company of KHQ in Spokane, WA and KNDO/KNDU). Last month, our company completed acquisition of TV stations in Santa Barbara/Santa Maria/San Luis Obispo, CA and Monterey/Salinas, CA

I'll be heading to California to run the new company and oversee the CBS, FOX, CW, and Telemundo stations Cowles bought starting next week. It's a big step for me professionally and a big challenge. I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

But here's what people really want to know... what happens to Hydro Insider?

Well, the honest answer is... I'm not 100% sure. I plan on keeping everything going as is, but we'll see how that works. One of the nice things about these websites now is that they've really become a compilation of photos, video, and stories from a lot of teams and the people around the sport - many who want to stay behind the scenes.

Thanks to all of you for your contributions. I literally couldn't have done it without you.

KNDO/KNDU will continue to broadcast the hydro races this year in Tri-Cities (and plans to do so for the foreseeable future).

We're working with ABRA and ABRAHydroplanes.com for this year and will make good on every one of our promises. We'll have a videographer at each race site this season and turn around video of every heat and interviews each race day at every site for the ABRA website and HydroInsider.com.

East Coast Swing: Evansville, Madison, Detroit

Kirk Duncan and Mike Fetscher are going to be field producers at Evansville, Madison and Detroit to help manage the coverage for us and guide our photographer.

Joe McCord has agreed to take on the race weekend coverage for HydroInsider. And I'll be in the background making sure everything goes smoothly...

West Coast Swing: Tri-Cities, Seattle, San Diego

KNDU will be all over the Tri-Cities event with Live Video Streaming and I'll be there to help.

KIRO-TV and KIROtv.com has the Seattle coverage nailed down. We'll be taking a lot of their coverage for Seattle. They plan live video streams as well.

And I hope to be in San Diego to guide the coverage there.

As of June 18th, that's the plan... stay tuned.

- Paul Dughi