Meet Seafair Hydroplane racer 19-year-old Kayleigh Perkins, get up close and personal with the Miss Boat Electric hydroplane on Father's Day weekend at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

VIDEO: U-37 running at Tastin' N Racin'

Bianca Bononcini, daughter of Unlimited Lights driver Phil Bononcini , is driving 1.5 litres... and is winning! Phil serves as his daughter’s radio man on race days.

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Issaquah Press: Hydro vet sweeps four 5-litre light races at Tastin' n Racin' >>

There's been some negative comments about the new 2008 ABRA Unlimited Hydroplane driver/boat poster and who was not included. What's included are all of the teams on the full national circuit. It's a GREAT looking poster!

I like the pro-active, promotional effort. I guess somebody will say negative things no matter anybody does....

Who knew? "In October 1906, Alexander Graham Bell said, "I consider the invention of the hydroplane as the most significant of recent years." A few years later, he was testing his own twin-engine hydroplane on the Bras d'Or Lakes in Nova Scotia and was setting speed records. "


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